BITS 2013: Wrap-Up

I may not have physically been in attendance at the 2013 Blood in the Snow film festival, but that didn’t stop me from working hard to cover the festival over the course of the weekend.  There have been moments, in which I watched screeners in the late hours of the night, to ensure I saw […]

BITS 2013: Pre-Feature Short Film Thoughts

The second edition of the Blood in the Snow Film Festival may have wrapped up last night, but I still have some reviews to get to.  Specifically, I would like to talk about the eight short films that preceded the feature film screenings, many of which were world premieres.  Lets get started with the rundown. […]

BITS 2013: My Thoughts on Discopath

It is 1976 and Duane Lewis (Jérémie Earp-Lavergne) has a problem.  A traumatic childhood experience causes Duane to turn into a psychotic maniac whenever he hears disco music, brutally killing whoever is in his vicinity.  After the body of one of Duane’s victims is discovered in a nightclub, Duane makes a run for Montreal, in […]

BITS 2013: My Thoughts on Clean Break

Cam Dawson (Samy Osman) is a lazy womanizer of a man, who lives in a house with his two roommates Scott (Sean Kaufmann) and Dan (Serge Plourde).  While at an office party, the shy and directionless Scott meets Tracy (Tianna Nori), a seemingly nice woman, who helps Scott to pull his life together.  However, Tracy […]

BITS 2013: Short Film Showcase Thoughts

One of the main highlights if this year’s Blood in the Snow Film Festival is the short film showcase, which features everything from killer puppets, to vampires, to a full-on post-apocalyptic epic.  I’ve seen six of the eight shorts playing as part of the showcase and I will post my individual thoughts on them here.  […]

BITS 2013: My Thoughts on Ghostkeepers

In the haunted house thriller Ghostkeepers, geeky podcaster Barry “The Night Hawk” Bird (Christian Pawlowski) plans to record a special episode at the house, where Barry’s favourite horror film The House Where Evil was Born was filmed.  Invited to the house are the film’s stars Victor Brimstone (Anthony D.P. Mann) and Vera Sunset (Sherri Paterson), […]

BITS 2013: My Thoughts on Thanatomorphose

The body horror film Thanatomorphose focuses on a girl (Kayden Rose), who lives on her own in an apartment.  One day she notices that bruises have appeared over her body and that her hair is starting to fall out.  As the days go by, more injuries appear and the girl’s boyfriend (David Tousignant) comments on […]

Blood in the Snow Film Festival Happening This Weekend at Carlton Cinema

This evening marks of start of the 2nd annual Blood in the Snow Canadian Film Festival.  The goal of this film festival is to highlight the best of contemporary horror filmmaking in Canada.  From tonight until Sunday, the festival will showcase 7 features and 16 shorts from a wide variety of up-and-coming Canadian horror filmmakers. […]