BITS 2014 Interview: Adam O'Brien on Insane

Even though I managed to cover the majority of the films that played at Blood in the Snow, one film that I sadly missed was the short film Insane.  However, that didn’t stop me from having a few words at the festival with the film’s director Adam O’Brien. Sean Kelly: Describe the film. Adam O’Brien: […]

BITS 2014 Interview: Matt O'Mahoney on Bloody Knuckles

The horror comedy Bloody Knuckles ended up winning three awards at the 2014 Blood in the Snow Film Festival, including Best Film, Best Screenplay, and Best Special FX.  During the festival, I sat down with writer/director Matt O’Mahoney to ask a few questions about the film. Sean Kelly: Tell me what Bloody Knuckles is about? […]

BITS 2014: Wrap-Up

The third annual edition of the Blood in the Snow Film Festival has come to a close.  This was my second year covering the festival and my first actually attending most of the screenings in person.  I ended up seeing practically every film at the festival, with me only missing one of the shorts.  There […]

BITS 2014: Pre-Feature Shorts

Here is my rundown of the eight shorts that preceded the features at this year’s Blood in the Snow Film Festival. Serpent’s LullabyA woman in a century’s old mansion makes a decision that will change the course of her story.  Serpent’s Lullaby is a short that focuses on a certain mythological figure.  While it’s a […]

BITS 2014: Kingdom Come

A group of strangers, including Sam Becker (Ry Barrett), Jessica Martin (Camille Hollett-French), Daniel Levine (Jason Martorino), Rachel O’Hara (Katie Uhlmann), and Roger Jackson (Jo Jo Karume), all wake up in a deserted building with no recollection of how they got there.  As these individuals try to find a way out of this building, they […]

BITS 2014: Black Mountain Side

Professor Peter Olsen (Michael Dickson) flies up to a remote archaeological site in Northern Canada to write a report to get the team, which includes Myles Jensen (Shane Twerdun), Francis Monroe (Carl Toftfelt), and Robert Michael Gyles (Marc Anthony Williams), more funding for their expedition.  The team has uncovered a strange structure, which dates backs […]

BITS 2014: Heinous Acts

Michael Coulthard (Daniel Cristofori) is the records manager of an evidence room featuring files from some of the most heinous crimes in history.  Michael breaks into the room one night to impress the new cleaning girl (Eleni Nico) and he proceeds to tell her about some of the key cases. In The Crawl Space Killer, […]

BITS 2014: Bloody Knuckles

Travis (Adam Boys) is the creator of the underground comic book “Vulgarian Invasions”, which uses filth and depravity to speak out against controversial figures.  However, when Travis’ latest issue focuses on Leonard Fong (Kasey Ryne Mazak) and the Golden Dragons street gang, they are not amused.  As a warning, Fong apprehends Travis and saws off […]

BITS 2014: Ejecta

From Foresight Features and writer Tony Burgess (Pontypool) comes the science fiction thriller Ejecta.  William Cassidy (Julian Richings) is an online conspiracy theorist, who claims he was abducted by aliens 39 years ago.  On the night of a major coronal mass ejection, Cassidy gets in contact with a documentary filmmaker named Joe Sullivan (Adam Seybold) […]

BITS 2014: Queen of Blood

From Chris Alexander comes this spiritual sequel to his 2012 debut Blood For Irina.  A vampiric force of nature named Irina (Shauna Henry) wonders the countryside claiming victims in her path, with Irina’s destiny apparently being tied to a pregnant widow (Carrie Gemmell).  On the trail of Irina’s destruction is a murderous preacher (Nivek Ogre). […]