Canadian Film Fest 2018: Select Short Films

Here are my thoughts on a selection of shorts playing at this year’s Canadian Film Fest. Prom Night As their daughters head off to prom, three father’s begin to worry when they find a pregnancy test in the trash. Prom Night is a comedic look at every father’s nightmare, that being discovering the possible promiscuity of […]

Canadian Film Fest 2018: Luba

A single mother tries to turn her life around, while dealing with her addict ex-husband in Luba. Luba (Nicole Maroon) is a single mother struggling to make ends meet, while raising her six year old son Matty (Porter Schaefer). At the same time, Luba has to deal with her ex-husband Donnie (Vladimir Jon Cubrt), who […]

Canadian Film Fest 2018: The Go-Getters

Two lowlifes try to scam their way into $98 for bus money in The Go-Getters. Owen (Aaron Abrams) is a deadbeat drunk, who is bunking in the boiler room of the bar owned by his brother Kevin (Kristian Bruun). Owen crosses paths with junkie hooker Lacie (Tommie-Amber Pirie) and despite the fact that they can’t […]

Canadian Film Fest 2018: The Cannon

An aging porn star hopes to to break into a legit acting career for his teenage daughter in The Cannon. Colton “The Cannon” Clemens (Bob Frazer) is a man from a revered acting pedigree, who settled for a career in adult entertainment after his actress mother was afflicted with ALS. When he learns that he […]

Canadian Film Fest 2018: Room for Rent

A broke ex-lottery winner finds his life being ruined by a roomer in his parents’ house in Room for Rent. Just as he was finishing high school, Mitch Baldwin (Mark Little) won $3.5 million in the lottery. However, Mitch ends up squandering the money on bad investments and is now a broke 32 year old still […]

Canadian Film Fest 2018: Becoming Burlesque

A young mixed raced girl is introduced to the world of burlesque in Becoming Burlesque. Fatima Jackson-Aziz (Shiva Negar) is a young woman of Syrian and British decent, who is under pressure to please the Muslim side of her family, particularly her uncle Yousef (Sam Kalilieh). Fatima chances upon a burlesque club and is pulled in […]

Canadian Film Fest 2018: A Swinger’s Weekend

Things go awry when three couples decide to go swinging in A Swinger’s Weekend. Dan (Randal Edwards) and Lisa (Erin Karpluk) are a seemingly perfect couple, who decide to spice things up with a swinger’s weekend with their hot and young friends Teejay (Michael Xavier) and Skai (Erin Agostino). However, things start to go awry with […]

Canadian Film Fest 2017 Wrap-Up

For its 11th edition, the Canadian Film Fest moved from its previous home of the Royal Cinema to the more centralized downtown location of the Socialbank Theatre, with the festival also extending its length from four days to five. This year’s edition of the festival featured 10 features and 19 shorts, showcasing the up and […]

Canadian Film Fest 2017: Select Short Films

As always, the films at the Canadian Film Fest were preceded by a short film. Sadly, I wasn’t able to see all the short that screened at CFF this year, but I will still provide my thoughts on the few I did end up seeing. Rainfall An animated romance following Jessica (Molly C. Quinn) on […]

Canadian Film Fest 2017: Broken Mile

A man goes on the run to escape the consequences of an unexpected death in Broken Mile. Shaun (Francesco Filice) wakes up one evening to find the girl he was with dead of an apparent suicide. Shaun proceeds to panic, especially as he sees his best friend, and the girl’s boyfriend, Kenny (Patrick McFadden) arriving […]