Canadian Film Fest 2013 Wrap-Up

This was my first time attending the Canadian Film Fest and I have to say that it made a fine addition to my film festival line-up.  It’s often easy to forget that Canada has its own film industry, when so much of our domestic film content comes from the United States.  It’s great that there […]

Canadian Film Fest 2013: Short Film Thoughts

Out of the nineteen short films that played during the Canadian Film Fest, I managed to see nine.  These consist of five of six pre-feature shorts, as well as four of the five shorts of Student Short Showcase.  Sadly, I was unable to make the main short showcase, which featured the remaining eight shorts of […]

Canadian Film Fest 2013: My Thoughts on Mr. Viral

In a nutshell, the darkly humorous thriller Mr. Viral can be described as Mad Men meets Fight Club.  Taking place at a Toronto ad agency, the film follows three interconnected storylines.  In the film’s primary story, the agency’s former creative director Simon (Jefferson Brown) sets out to outdo his smarmy replacement Andy (Christian Lloyd) by […]

Canadian Film Fest 2013: My Thoughts on Skull World

The documentary Skull World covers two subjects.  On one hand, the film follows two years in the life of Greg Sommer.  Sommer is better known by his alter-ego off Skull Man, in which he puts on a skeleton costume and exhibits a personality quite different from his own.  The other subject of the film is […]

Canadian Film Fest 2013: My Thoughts on The Disappeared

The Disappeared tells the story of six shipwreck survivors stranded on two life boats in the middle of the Atlantic ocean.  The crew consists of Captain Gerald (Brian Downey), Mannie (Billy Campbell), Gib (Ryan Doucette), Pete (Shawn Doyle), Merv (Gary Levert), and Dickie (Neil Matheson).  Gerald estimates that they are 600 miles from shore and […]

Canadian Film Fest 2013: My Thoughts on Please Kill Mr. Know It All

Please Kill Mr. Know It All is a romantic comedy about a writer named Sally (Lara Jean Chorostecki).  After hearing the horror short story The Monkey’s Paw as kid, Sally has come to the cynical conclusion that all wishes lead to bad things, especially after she experiences some unfortunate coincidences.  Despite her cynical outlook on […]

Canadian Film Fest 2013: My Thoughts on The Storm Within

The Canadian Film Fest opened in fine form with the period thriller The Storm Within (aka Rouge Sang).  The film focuses on a woman in rural Quebec, at the dawn on the 19th century, and her efforts to project her family from the band of British Soldiers, who decide to spend New Year’s Eve in […]

Canadian Film Fest Begins This Evening

Beginning this evening, and running through Saturday, is the 2013 Canadian Film Fest. Currently in its seventh year, the goal of the festival is to showcase the uniqueness of homegrown Canadian Cinema.  The line-up for this year consists of six features and nineteen shorts, all of which are screening at the Royal Cinema. This will […]