Canadian Film Fest 2014 Wrap-Up

This was my second year covering the Canadian Film Fest.  This year I made it out to 6 of the 7 feature film screenings and I have to say that I overall liked the quality of these year’s line-up.  While there was no film this year that I outright loved, there was nothing that I […]

Canadian Film Fest 2014: Afterparty

After his brother’s wedding, the best man Charlie (Graham Coffeng) invites a number of the guests over to the bride and groom’s house for a late-night afterparty.  All of these friends, who haven’t seen each other in years, are all at a different stage of their life.  For instance, Tracy (Ali Liebert) has a successful […]

Canadian Film Fest 2014: H & G

This loose retelling of the story of Hansel and Gretel focuses on Harley (Annika Elyse Irving) and Gemma (Breazy Diduck-Wilson), who live an impoverished life with their mother Krysstal (Ashley Rebecca Moore).  One night Krysstal goes to a party with her new boyfriend Gary (Erik Athavale), leaving the kids in the backseat of the car.  […]

Canadian Film Fest 2014: The Privileged

Richard Hunter (Joshua Close) is a young lawyer for prestigious firm.  When he loses a case, after refusing to present a questionable piece of evidence, his boss Preston Westwood (Sam Trammell) is instructed to fire Richard by the end of the weekend.  However, since Richard had high hopes for the future, he and his pregnant […]

Canadian Film Fest 2014: The Birder

The comedy film The Birder focuses on Ron Spencer (Tom Cavanagh), a bird-loving high school teacher, who is expecting to be named “Head of Ornithology” at the local birding park and spend the summer bonding with his teenage daughter Samantha (Cassidy Renee). However, Ron is shocked when the Park President (Fred Willard) instead gives the […]

Canadian Film Fest 2014: Patch Town

The comedic musical fantasy Patch Town focuses on a lonely man named Jon (Rob Ramsay), who slaves away in a factory harvesting kids from cabbages, who are frozen as dolls and sold to kids around the world.  The factory is run under the watchful eye of the “Child Catcher” Yuri (Julian Richings), whose toymaker of […]

Canadian Film Fest 2014: Shorts in Review

Tonight is the beginning of the 2014 edition of the Canadian Film Fest, which will be taking place from tonight through Saturday at the Royal Cinema.  I am planning on attending five of the festival’s screenings, including both the opening and closing film, and I will be posting reviews for those as weekend goes on.  […]