Canadian Film Fest 2015 Wrap-Up

This was my third year covering the Canadian Film Fest.  This year, I managed to see every feature film and all but one of the shorts.  Still a relatively small festival, I consider my coverage of this festival to be a warm-up for the larger film festivals I cover throughout the year, particularly Hot Docs […]

Canadian Film Fest 2015: Pre-Feature Shorts

Here are my thoughts on the shorts that preceded the features at the 2015 Canadian Film Fest. Speak Now A man and woman spend a night together in a hotel room.  Speak Now keeps the relationship between this couple somewhat ambiguous, even though flashbacks show that they have a history with each other.  It is […]

Canadian Film Fest 2015: Nocturne

A woman with insomnia develops a connection with a sleepwalker in Nocturne.  Cindy (Mary Krohnert) is woman, whose anxiety prevents her from sleeping.  Cindy notices some odd behaviour in her co-worker Armen (Knickoy Robinson), who turns out to be a sleepwalker.  Cindy begins to follow Armen around at night and the two begin have an […]

Canadian Film Fest 2015: Ben's at Home

A 30 year old man decides that he is going to remain at home indefinitely in Ben’s at Home.  Ben (Dan Abramovici) is a young man, who has just turned 30 and is coping with a recent break-up.  Deciding that he does not like going out and socializing with his friends, Ben decides that he […]

Canadian Film Fest 2015: Barn Wedding

A lifestyle blogger rushes to have the perfect wedding in the dead of winter in Barn Wedding.  Emma (Emily Coutts) is preparing to wed Colin (Brett Donahue), her boyfriend of five years.  Emma’s best friend and roommate Jessie (Kelly McCormack) returns from travelling abroad and is asked to be Emma’s maid of honour.  With Colin […]

Canadian Film Fest 2015: Homegrown Shorts

Here are my thoughts on seven of the eight shorts that will be playing as part of the Canadian Film Fest’s Homegrown Shorts showcase. When Fish Fly A young girl grieving the loss of her mother receives a pet fish and must cope with its death too.  This short is told entirely without dialogue and, […]

Canadian Film Fest 2015: Pretend We're Kissing

A man struggles with the anxieties of a new relationship in the romantic comedy Pretend We’re Kissing.  Benny (Dov Tiefenbach) is an awkward man, who is always worrying about how to act in front of girls.  Benny’s roommate Autumn (Zoë Kravitz) tells him to “stop being a Benny” and just allow himself to be himself.  […]

Canadian Film Fest 2015: Late Night Double Feature

It is horror mayhem on basic cable in the anthology film Late Night Double Feature.  Following the nightly news, viewers of TV13 in Peterborough are treated to Dr. Nasty’s Cavalcade of Horror, where Dr. Nasty (Brian Scott Carleton) and his assistant Nurse Nasty (Jamie Elizabeth Sampson) present a double bill of terror. In the first […]

Canadian Film Fest 2015: Relative Happiness

The plus sized owner of a bed & breakfast tries to find a date for her sister’s wedding in Relative Happiness.  Lexie Ivy (Melissa Bergland) is the proprietor of the Ivy Cottage Bed & Breakfast in a small town in Nova Scotia.  Lexie’s sister Gabby (Molly Dunsworth) is about to get married and her family […]

Canadian Film Film 2015: Shooting: The Musical

Go behind the scenes of the most offensive movie ever with High School Shooting: The Musical.  A documentary crew is making a film about life after film school for a number of recent graduates, many of whom could not get jobs within the film industry.  Adam Baxter (Bruce Novakowski) is one of these recent graduates, […]