Canadian Film Fest 2017: Filth City

A corrupt mayor will do anything to prevent the release of a crack smoking video in Filth City. Tom Hogg (Pat Thornton), the mayor of the city of York, is filmed smoking crack at a party by a teenager named Smush (Lamar Johnson), who gives the video to his friend Monica (Melinda Shankar). With an […]

Canadian Film Fest 2017: Lost Solace

A sociopath begins to feel emotions for the first time in Lost Solace. Spence (Andrew Jenkins) is a psychopathic con man, who charms women before robbing them blind. One night in a nightclub, Spence takes an experimental drug called Genuine Pink Dove, which gives him an extreme trip. After seemingly recovering, Spence moves on to […]

Canadian Film Fest 2017: Badsville

The leader of a greaser gang wants to leave the life behind in Badsville. In the lawless town of Badsville, the Kings frequently do battle with the Aces to secure their position at the top of the gang hierarchy. However, Kings leader Wink (Ian McLaren) is tired of the life and wants to leave Badsville, […]

Canadian Film Fest 2017: Modern Classic

Two friends have trouble making a film about a man who kills his dog in Modern Classic. Jono (Jonathon M.B. Hunter) is trying to find funding to make his black and white art film Doldrums, starring his friend Dave (David Grimes) as a drunk who accidentally killed his dog. When their efforts to pitch to producers […]

Canadian Film Fest 2017: The Heretics

A young woman is the target for a cult’s ritual in The Heretics. Five years ago, Gloria (Nina Kiri) was kidnapped by a cult and made part of a suicide ritual in the woods. Gloria still has nightmares about that day and is comforted only by her love for Joan (Jorja Cadence), who she met […]

Canadian Film Fest 2017: Great Great Great

A young woman gets doubts about her relationship after getting engaged in Great Great Great. Lauren (Sarah Kolasky) is a 30 year old woman, who is living with her boyfriend of five year Tom (Dan Beirne). After hearing the news that her parents are divorcing, Lauren begins worrying about her future with Tom. The two […]

Canadian Film Fest 2017: #AnAmeicanDream

A college graduate discovers the harsh realities of modern America in #AnAmericanDream. William Bowman (Jake Croker) is an all-American young man, who takes an internship at financial company. While it initially seems that William has a bright future ahead of his, he arrives at work one day to find it has been bought out by […]

Canadian Film Fest 2017: Edging

Friends at a housewarming party talk about their lives an relationships in Edging. Jordan (Shomari Downer) has bought himself a house and is hosting a house party for himself. Among the guests at the party include close friends Rachel (Paula Brancati) and Nick (Andy McQueen), co-workers Crossland (Aidan Shipley) and Christopher (Giacomo Gianniotti), as well […]

Canadian Film Fest 2016: Chasing Valentine

A depressed man strikes up an unlikely connection with a call girl in Chasing Valentine. Following the tragic loss of the love of his life, Chase (Adam Langton) spends much of his time home alone, editing adult videos for his friend Brad (Brad Cowan). However, one night at a bar, Chase meets Valentine (Gwenlyn Cumyn), […]

Canadian Film Fest 2016: 20 Moves

The story behind Rubik’s Cube is told in 20 Moves. Invented by Hungarian Erno Rubik and originally intended as a teaching tool, the puzzle that would become known as Rubik’s Cube was discovered at a German toy fair by holocaust survivor Tom Kremer. Sold by the Ideal Toy Company, the incredibly difficult three dimensional puzzle became a huge […]