TADFF15 Interview: A discussion with the producers, writers, and cast of A Christmas Horror Story

The holiday-themed horror anthology A Christmas Horror Story screens this evening at the Toronto After Dark Film Festival. A Christmas Horror Story is the brainchild of producer/director Steve Hoban and producer Mark Smith. Throughout his 23 year career, Steve Hoban has produced many Canadian genre films, such as Ginger Snaps, Splice, Haunter, and the TV series Darknet, […]

TADFF15 Interview: A discussion with the cast and crew of Synchronicity

The time travel themed science fiction film Synchronicity screens this evening at the Toronto After Dark Film Festival. The film is directed by Jacob Gentry, who was previously known for the 2007 horror film The Signal, as well as the My Super Psycho Sweet 16 trilogy. When Synchronicity had its world premiere this past summer at the Fantasia International Film […]

Fantasia 2015: Wrap-Up

Well, that was a busy three weeks! It would be safe to say that my very first  year covering the Fantasia International Film Festival was a successful one. In addition to six re-posted reviews of films I saw at previous festivals, I ended up watching and reviewing a whopping 41 films over the course of […]

Fantasia 2015: Slumlord

A young couple is spied upon by their creepy landlord in Slumlord. Claire (Brianne Moncrief) and Ryan (PJ McCabe) are a young married couple, who have just moved into a new suburban house, as they prepare for the arrival of a new baby. However, the relationship between between the two isn’t going well and Ryan […]

Fantasia 2015: Børning

A father and daughter bond while participating in a race across Norway in Børning. Roy (Anders Baasmo Christiansen) is a racer and mechanic, who doesn’t the closest of relationships with his 12 year old daughter Nina (Ida Husøy). After losing a big race, Roy is taunted by his rival TT (Trond Halbo), which results in a challenge […]

Fantasia 2015: On the White Planet

The issue of race is explored in the dark animated film On the White Planet. On a planet completely devoid of colour, there is one teenage boy who has coloured skin. This glaring difference makes him a complete outcast, with the boy turning into a murderous fugitive. The boy is welcomed in by a group […]

Fantasia 2015: They Look Like People

A man becomes paranoid that the world is being taken over by body-snatching monsters in They Look Like People. Wyatt (MacLeod Andrews) has recently returned to New York City and is crashing at the house of his friend Christian (Evan Dumouchel), As Christian builds up the courage to date his co-worker Mara (Margaret Ying Drake), […]

Fantasia 2015: Hostile

Strange occurrences centre around two sisters in Hostile. Meredith Langston (Shelley Ward) has recently adopted sisters Emilie (Julie Venturelli) and Anna (Luna Belan). Shortly after moving into their new home, the three experience strange occurrences, which includes seeing a man around the house. Meredith calls in reporters Chloé (Anatolia Allieis) and Chris (Morgan Hec) to stay with […]

Fantasia 2015: Cash Only

An Albanian-American landlord runs into some serious money troubles in Cash Only. Elvis Martini (Nickola Shreli) is the landlord of a dilapidated Detroit apartment building, which is in danger of being foreclosed on by the bank. With the tenants behind on their rent, Elvis is desperate for money to pay the mortgage and believes he has […]

Fantasia 2015: Who Killed Captain Alex?: Uganda’s First Action Movie

From Wakaliwood, Uganda – Home of da Best of da Best Movies – comes the country’s first action movie Who Killed Captain Alex?. With VJ Emmie providing jokey commentary of the mic, prepare for some real action as Captain Alex (Kakule William) and his team of commandos fight against Richard (Sserunya Ernest) and the Tiger Mafia. […]