Podcast: Interviews – WTFilm Fest 2017 – She’s Allergic to Cats

To coincide with the film’s Toronto premiere this weekend at What The Film Festival 2017, here is the interview I conducted at Fantasia 2016 with the people behind the very weird She’s Allergic to Cats. OPENING CLIP – She’s Allergic to Cats Trailer 01:31 – Introductions/Housecleaning 04:46 – Interview with She’s Allergic to Cats director […]

Fantasia 2016: Wrap-Up

My coverage of the 20th annual edition of of Fantasia International Film Festival has come to an end. For the second year in a row, I made the trip to Montreal to see a wide variety of films from around the world, ranging from heavily hyped genre films, the best of Asian cinema, and some […]

Fantasia 2016: The Devil’s Candy

This review was originally published as part of my coverage of TIFF 2015 A painter and his family are tormented by demonic forces in The Devil’s Candy. Jesse (Ethan Embry) is struggling heavy metal-loving painter, who moves into a new house in Texas, with his wife Astrid (Shiri Appleby) and daughter Zooey (Kiara Glasco). Things start to seem off […]

Fantasia 2016: Tower

This review was originally published as part of my coverage of Hot Docs 2016 The United State’s first mass school shooting is recounted in Tower. On August 1, 1966, a lone sniper climb atop the tower at the University of Texas and began to unleash a violent assault. Through the eyes of many of those present, […]

Fantasia 2016: Lazy Hazy Crazy

Three teenage girls have complicated relationships in Lazy Hazy Crazy. Alice, Chloe, and Tracy are free 18 year olds living in Hong Kong. The more outgoing Alice and Chloe have made a successful living for themselves as prostitutes, with the the shy Tracy deciding to give it a try. However, the friendship between the three […]

Fantasia 2016: Operation Avalanche

This review was originally published as part of my coverage of Hot Docs 2016 CIA agents conspire to fake the moon landing in Operation Avalanche. Matt Johnson and Owen Williams are two 1960s-era CIA agents, who are assigned to infiltrate NASA under the guise of a documentary crew, with the objective to find a Russian mole within […]

Fantasia 2016: Harmony

A special agent investigates a recent plague of suicides in a Utopian world in Harmony. In a future world, all of humanity is controlled by a system known as WatchMe, which has practically put an end to sickness and old age. Tuan is a high ranking agent of world’s leading health company, who is haunted by […]

Fantasia 2016: Psycho Raman

A serial killer becomes obsessed with the cop on his trail in Psycho Raman. Ramanna (Nawazuddin Siddiqui) is a serial killer in modern day Mumbai, who is inspired by the infamous 1960s serial killer Raman Raghav. After witnessing corrupt cop Raghavan’s (Vicky Kaushal) capacity for violence, Ramanna becomes determined to to lead her pursuer to the dark side, […]

Fantasia 2016: The Phantom Detective

A private detective tries to solve a case, accompanied by the grandchildren of his rival in The Phantom Detective. Hong Gil-dong (Lee Je-Hoon) is a private detective, who has spent years tracking down Kim Byeong-Duk (Park Geun-Hyung), the man who killed his mother. However, Hong arrives to find the Kim has been kidnapped, leaving behind his two […]

Fantasia 2016: The Throne

The relationship between a king and his son is examined in The Throne. One rainy night, the Crown Prince Sado (Yoo Ah-in) sets out with the intention of assassinating his father King Yeongjo (Song Kang-ho). Sado fails in this task and he is sentenced by his father to be locked up in a chest in the middle […]