Hot Docs 2019: The Hypnotist

The story of Finnish hypnotist Olliver Hawk is told in The Hypnotist. Olavi Hakasalo, better known by his stage name Olliver Hawk, was a hypnotist active in Finland during the 1960s and 1970s. At the same time, the country was run by President Urho Kekkonen, who was in office for 25 years. Hakasalo would frequently […]

Hot Docs 2019: XY Chelsea

A trans whisleblower becomes an activist upon her release from prison in XY Chelsea. Chelsea Manning is a former US Army intelligence analyst, who was charged with uploading over 750,000 documents pertaining to the Iraq War to Wikileaks. In addition, Chelsea decided to come out as a trans woman while she was in the middle […]

Hot Docs 2019: Hunting for Hedonia

The origins and modern reemergence of the process of deep brain stimulation is examined in Hunting for Hedonia. In the 1950s, Dr. Robert Galbraith Heath performed experiments in neuromodulation, trying to seek out the source of pleasure in the brain, also known as hedonia. However, Heath’s methods were shunned by the medical community and he […]

Hot Docs 2019: A Woman’s Work: The NFL’s Cheerleader Problem

Former NFL cheerleaders launch lawsuits seeking equal payment in A Woman’s Work: The NFL’s Cheerleader Problem. In 2014, two lawsuits were launched against NFL teams by former cheerleaders. In the first lawsuit Lacy, a cheerleader for the Oakland Raiders, was contesting the fact that she had to work for an nine month season before being […]

Hot Docs 2019: Searching Eva

The life of a sex worker and blogger is followed over the course of three years in Searching Eva. Eva Collé is an Italian-born sex worker living in Berlin, who shares the experiences of her life on her blog. Eva’s constantly changing life is followed over the course of three years, following her through Berlin, […]

Hot Docs 2019: Shella Record: A Reggae Mystery

A Toronto-based record collector and artist tries to locate the woman who recorded an obscure reggae track in Shella Record: A Reggae Mystery. Chris Flanagan is an Australian born artist and record collector living in Toronto, who acquires a bootleg reggae collection named “Warzone.” Chris instantly becomes enamored with a track named “Jamaican Fruit of […]

Hot Docs 2019: Inside Lehman Brothers

The events resulted in the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers, kickstarting the 2008 financial crisis, is examined in Inside Lehman Brothers. Lehman Brothers was the fourth largest financial institutions in United States. However, a series of shady and possibly fraudulent business dealings resulted in the company eventually declaring bankruptcy, resulting in a financial collapse. A number […]

Hot Docs 2019: The Corporate Coup D’état

The rise of corporatism in the United States is examined in The Corporate Coup D’état. Canadian political philosopher John Ralston Saul once wrote that “we are in the midst of a coup d’état in slow motion,” in regards to corporate interests influencing the government. However, it turns out that the coup was not in slow […]

Hot Docs 2019: One Child Nation

The longterm effects of China’s one-child policy are examined in One Child Nation. From 1979-2015, China tried to control its population by instilling a policy stating that families could only have one child. Growing up in China, fimmaker Nanfu Wang never thought twice about the policy and even felt embarrassed by the fact that she […]

Hot Docs 2019: Framing John DeLorean

The story of John DeLorean is told in a very meta fashion in Framing John DeLorean. Featuring a combination of documentary and a fictionalized narrative, John DeLorean (Alec Baldwin) was a auto engineer who hit it big at General Motors, when he helped to construct the Pontiac GTO. Living a playboy lifestyle, DeLorean married top […]