Hot Docs 2018: The Cleaners

Outsourced content moderators decide what content is appropriate for the major social networks in The Cleaners. Companies such as Google and Facebook outsource content moderation to foreign companies, who go through thousands of pictures and videos to weed out all sexual, violent, or terrorist content. One such company is located in Manila, where the anonymous […]

Hot Docs 2018: The Bill Murray Stories: Life Lessons Learned from a Mythical Man

Bill Murray’s habit of randomly interacting with random people is explored in The Bill Murray Stories: Life Lessons Learned from a Mythical Man. All over, there are stories of people running into Bill Murray in the most random of circumstances. These range from his “photobombing” an engagement photo to showing up as the roadie of […]

Hot Docs 2018: This Mountain Life

The stories of people in the mountains of British Columbia are told in This Mountain Life. 75% of made up of mountain ranges, yet few people are able to properly experience them. Martina Halik and her mother Tania are planning to embark on a 6 month, 2300km coastal traverse trip from Squamish to Alaska. They are but […]

Hot Docs 2018: I, Dolours

A former member of the IRA gives her first-hand account of The Troubles in I, Dolours. In 2010, Dolours Price gave an interview recounting her time as a member of the Irish Republican Army. With the help of recreations and archival footage, Dolours talks about growing up in a Republican family, being a member of […]

Hot Docs 2018: Netizens

Female victims of online harassment fight back in Netizens. Digital mediums have made it easier for women to be harassed and law enforcement is not equipped to do anything about it. As such, various victims of online harassment have stepped up to take matters in their own hands. This includes lawyer Carrie Goldberg, who creates her […]

Hot Docs 2018: Alt-Right: Age of Rage

This history of the alternative right is told in Alt-Right: Age of Rage. In 2008, white supremacist Richard Spenser coined the name “Alt-Right” as the name of his blog. Over the next decade, the Alt-Right movement grew and helped to elect Donald Trump into the White House. The main opponents of the Alt-Right are the […]

Hot Docs 2018: Love, Gilda

The life and career of Gilda Radner is told in her own words in Love, Gilda. Growing up in Detroit, Gilda Radner quickly became a star for The Second City in Toronto and later as one of the fist cast members of Saturday Night Live. Radner paved the way for women in comedy, while also […]

Hot Docs 2018: Won’t You Be My Neighbor

The story of the life an career of Mr. Rogers is told in Won’t You Be My Neighbor. In the late 1960s, Fred Rogers started the children’s television series Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood, as a way to connect children to the issues of the day, using his singing, storytelling, and puppetry. The show ran for over […]

Hot Docs 2018: Warrior Women

The history of the activism by indigenous females are told in Warrior Women. In the 1970s, Madonna Thunder Hawk of the Lakota First Nation was one of the leaders of the American Indian Movement, which thought for the rights of the indigenous population. This fight continues today, with Madonna’s daughter Marcy joining in the activist efforts. […]

Hot Docs 2018: More Human Than Human

The advances in artificial intelligence are explored in More Human Than Human. Machines are developing at a rapid pace and they are expected to replace traditional jobs by the year 2030. With science fiction movies having developed a fear of artificial intelligence, the question is asked what would happen if and when we finally reach […]