My Thoughts on Modra

Modra was the third screening I saw as part of Canada’s Top Ten at the Bell Lightbox (including films I had previously seen at TIFF or otherwise, I have now seen six of the ten films). The film tells the story of a teenage girl named Lina, who goes traveling to visit family in Slovakia.  […]

My Opinion on the Red State Distribution News

I was reading posts on Twitter all night about the Sundance premiere of Kevin Smith’s new horror film Red State and his subsequent decision to self-distribute the film on October 19, preceded by a road show tour of the film. I thought I would provide some of my personal thoughts on this news, which also […]

My Thoughts on Canada’s Top Ten Shorts Programme 1

This evening I saw the first half of the Canada’s Top Ten shorts programme, which featured five of the top short films of last year.  In hindsight, I probably could have stayed to see all ten shorts, but I had already spent a long afternoon downtown, which included seeing No Strings Attached.  Anyways, here are […]

My Thoughts on Incendies

Incendies is generally considered to be the best Canadian film from 2010 and it is currently on the shortlist of films being considered for a Best Foreign Film nomination at the Oscars. The film centres around two siblings, who receive the unusual request in their mother’s will to location the father and brother that they […]

Getting Ready for Canada’s Top Ten

Today marks the start of TIFF’s yearly showcase of the ten best Canadian films from last year, happening for the first time at the Bell Lightbox.  The obvious headliner of this year’s list is Denis Villeneuve’s Incendies, which won Best Canadian Film at last year’s Festival and was just announced to be on the Oscar […]

My Thoughts on Waste Land

While, at the Bell Lightbox today for the Tim Burton exhibition, I decided to see another one of the building’s exclusive engagement. Wastle Land is a documentary about a Brazilian artist, who goes to the largest landfill in Rio De Janeiro to create art in the likeness of the various “Pickers,” who work in the […]

My Thoughts on the Tim Burton Exhibition at TIFF Bell Lightbox

Today was an exciting day for me as I visited the Tim Burton Exhibition at the Bell Lightbox. The exhibition is split into two rooms: One that focuses on Burton’s films and another which features his non film related art. The film portion of the exhibit covers every film that Burton has been involved. This […]

My Thoughts on The People vs. George Lucas

One of the great things about the TIFF Bell Lightbox is that not only does it have the normal Cinematheque screenings, but it also has exclusive engagements of films that previously played at various film festivals and wouldn’t usually get a normal release. The People vs. George Lucas is one of those films, which previously […]

Calgary Film Festival: My Thoughts on Trigger

At TIFF, Bruce McDonald’s Trigger was notable as the first film to screen at the Bell Lightbox.  While the film was a less extravagant affair at the Calgary Film Fest (the theatre was only a little over half full), it did not take away the fact that it was a very compelling film. The film […]

Heading to the Calgary Film Festival

After the completion of the Toronto Film Festival last weekend, I left for a one week trip to Calgary.  By pure coincidence, my trip coincided with the start of the Calgary International Film Festival, which begins tonight and runs until Oct 3. Not wanting to turn down an opportunity, I figured that I should try […]