Hot Docs 2018: Women of the Venezuelan Chaos

The sociopolitical situation in Venezuela is shown from the point of view of five women in Women of the Venezuelan Chaos. Despite the top suppliers of oil, Venezuela has become a very insecure country, with shortages in food and medical supplies. The stories of five women from varying socioeconomic backgrounds are told to illustrate a country […]

Hot Docs 2018: Crime + Punishment

Twelve New York City police officers join a class action lawsuit against corruption in the NYPD in Crime + Punishment. Within the NYPD, a number of Black and Latino officers are encouraged by their superiors to perform illegal summons and arrest quotas, with those refusing to do so facing repercussions. A number of these officers, […]

Hot Docs 2018: Siblings

Brothers and sisters separated by the foster care system reunite at a special summer camp in Siblings. 11 year old Liberty and 18 year old Brandi are two young women separated from their natural, who get to reunite with them every year at a special summer camp for kids in the foster care system. It […]

Hot Docs 2018: The American Meme

Social media celebrities are profiled in The American Meme. Since the rise of social media, there have been those who have the platform as the route cult celebrity. This include includes infamous socialite Paris Hilton, who has over 50,000,000 followers she dubs her “Little Hiltons.” Other social media celebrities include comedians Brittany Furlan and Josh “The Fat […]

Hot Docs 2018: United We Fan

The people behind “save our show” campaigns are profiled in United We Fan. Over the years, fans of low-rated, but beloved television series have banded together to save the shows from cancellation. This includes Bjo and John Trimble, who are known as “The Couple that Saved Star Trek,” as well as Dorothy Swanson, who would go on […]

Hot Docs 2018: Playing Hard

The development of a video game is followed from start to finish in Playing Hard. Jason Vandenberghe has worked in the video game industry for two decades. In 2013, Vandenberghe goes to Ubisoft’s studio in Montreal to pitch his dream game, a medieval actioner eventually named For Honor. The studio begins development of the game with Vandenberghe as […]

Hot Docs 2018: Tiny Shoulders: Rethinking Barbie

Mattel sets out to do a complete overhaul of its signature Barbie dolls in Tiny Shoulders: Rethinking Barbie. Introduced in 1959 by Ruth and Elliot Handler, Barbie is one of the most recognizable brands in the world. However, Barbie has frequent received criticism for portraying an unrealistic thin and blonde female image. In response to […]

Hot Docs 2018: Our New President

The story of Trump’s election is told entirely through Russian propaganda in Our New President. Compiled from material from Russia’s stations Russia-1, Russia TV, and NTV, the media empire of Russia works overtime to sabotage Hilary Clinton, while celebrating Donald Trump. This results in a film about news, which is completely devoid of any true […]

Hot Docs 2018: Shirkers

A Singapore filmmaker revisits a film she made in her youth in Shirkers. When she was 18 years old, Sandi Tan set out to shoot Singapore’s first road movie with her friends Jasmine Ng and Sophie Siddique. The film was directed by Sandi’s enigmatic American mentor Georges Cardona, who would disappear along with the footage after […]

Hot Docs 2018: Slut or Nut: The Diary of a Rape Trial

A rape victim goes through the process of bringing her sexual assault to trial in Slut or Nut: The Diary of a Rape Trial. In 2015, Mandi Gray was sexually assaulted by a union leader she was dating from York University. She decides to report the assault to police, but is initially assumed that she […]