TADFF18: The Ranger

A group of teenage punks find themselves stalked by a psychotic park ranger in The Ranger. After her boyfriend Garth (Granit Lahu) stabs a police officer during a drug raid at a punk rock club, Chelsea (Chloe Levine) and her friends Abe (Bubba Weiler), Jerk (Jeremy Pope), and Amber (Amanda Grace Benitez) are forced to go […]

TADFF18: The Dark

An undead teenage girl befriends blind boy in The Dark. Mina (Nadia Alexander) is a cannibalistic undead teenager, who haunts an isolated forested area known as the “Devil’s Den.” After dispatching of a fugitive criminal that enters the area, Mina meets the criminal’s blinded hostage Alex (Toby Nichols). Mina decides to help Alex get back to […]

TADFF18: Robbery

A young thief enlists the help of his dementia-ridden father to steal enough to pay back his gambling debts in Robbery. Frank (Art Hindle) is a lifelong criminal who is recently diagnosed with dementia. While struggling at times to even remember his own son Richie (Jeremy Ferdman), Frank still retains a sharp memory of his five decades […]

TADFF18: Prey

A zoo veterinarian, her news cameraman boyfriend, and a British hunter try to stop a lion terrorizing Amsterdam in Prey. Lizzy (Sophie van Winden) is a veterinarian at the Amsterdam Zoo, who is called in by police to consult when brutally mauled bodies are found, with the grizzly evidence pointing to a man-eating lion on the […]

TADFF18: Lifechanger

A shapeshifter tries to reconnect with a past love in Lifechanger. For most of his life, Drew (Bill Oberst Jr.) has had the ability to take on the form of other people. The transformation only lasts for a brief period of time, before the body begins to rot and Drew must find a new host before […]

TADFF18: Extracurricular

A group of high school friends spend their spare time planning a committing murders in Extracurricular. Brothers Ian (Spencer Macpherson) and Derek (Keenan Tracey), Derek’s girlfriend Jenny (Brittany Teo) and other friend Miriam (Brittany Raymond) are a group of high school seniors, who have essentially formed a serial killer club, where they plan and commit murders […]

TADFF18: I Am a Hero

A loser artist becomes an unlike hero during a zombie apocalypse in I Am a Hero. Hideo Suzuki (Yô Ôizumi) is a struggling manga artist, whose latest comic is rejected by a publisher, resulting him being kicked out by his girlfriend. However, there is suddenly the spread of an infection known as the ZQN virus, which turns […]

TADFF18: Anna and the Apocalypse

A group of singing high school students try to survive a zombie apocalypse during the holidays in Anna and the Apocalypse. Anna (Ella Hunt) is a high school senior in the sleepy British town of Little Haven. A zombie apocalypse breaks out on Christmas Eve and the majority of the non-infected find themselves trapped in Anna’s […]

TADFF18: Prospect

A young woman and a scoundrel reluctantly team up to find riches on an alien planet in Prospect. Cee (Sophie Thatcher) and her father Damon (Jay Duplass) fly to the forested Green Moon to help a group of mercenaries dig up rare alien gems at a deposit known as The Queen’s Lair. The two cross paths with […]

TADFF18: I’ll Take Your Dead

A man makes it his job to make bodies disappear in I’ll Take Your Dead. William (Aidan Devine) is a man known in criminal circles as “The Candy Butcher,” who is able to make dead bodies disappear upon request. Living alone with his daughter Gloria (Ava Preston), who is able to see ghosts of the victims, […]