Toronto After Dark 2012 Summer Screenings: My Thoughts on Juan of the Dead

Last night was the first of two special “Summer Screening” nights for the Toronto After Dark Film Festival.  This series provides a sample of the Toronto After Dark experience in anticipation for the full festival, which runs this year from October 18-26. The first film screened was a special presentation of a film that I […]

Toronto After Dark Summer Screenings Announced

Looking for a way to fill your quota of horror, sci-fi, action and cult films this summer?  Well, the Toronto After Dark Film Festival has announced a special series of four Summer Screenings that will be taking place at the Bloor Cinema. These screenings, taking place on June 27 and July 11, will act as […]

Toronto After Dark 2011 Wrap-Up

I was familiar with the Toronto After Dark film festival for most of its six year existence.  However, I didn’t find a reason to actually attend the festival until 2009 when Toronto After Dark added the long-delayed film Trick ‘r Treat to its line-up.  I enjoyed that single screening, so I returned last year to check […]

Toronto After Dark: My Thoughts on The Innkeepers

The Innkeepers was the closing film of this year’s Toronto After Dark film festival.  I thought that it was a very interesting type of film, since it doesn’t really start off like a horror film, instead opting for a very slow burn, with the scares building up over the course of the film. The film is […]

Toronto After Dark: My Thoughts on VS

Tonight at the Toronto After Dark film festival I saw the dark superhero thriller VS.  The film has a very simple (a word that is repeated many times in the film) plot – four superheroes are captured by their old arch nemesis, stripped of their powers, and left in a town, where they have to […]

Busy Film Schedule for “Halloweek”

The Rue Morgue-designed poster for the Fright Nights series at Bell Lightbox. Halloween is this upcoming Monday and it has been a growing tradition of mine to go out and see a horror film on the day.  I initially feared this would not be the case this year, since I had already seen the only new […]

Toronto After Dark: My Thoughts on Monster Brawl

This evening saw the beginning of the sixth edition of the Toronto After Dark film festival. The opening film was a Canadian-made horror/action/comedy film called Monster Brawl.  The film is essentially various different classic monsters mixed with professional wrestling.  The film takes the form of a wrestling Pay-Per-View, in a graveyard, with Dave Foley and Art […]

Ready for Toronto After Dark

Tickets went on sale earlier this week for the Toronto After Dark Film Festival, which is entering its fifth year.  After occurring the last two years in late August, this year the festival moves back to a, more appropriate, October timeslot.  This year also sees the festival moving from the Bloor Cinema, to the more genre-friendly Toronto […]

Toronto After Dark: My Thoughts on The Last Exorcism

For the second year I have attended the Toronto After Dark film festival at the Bloor Cinema.  This year, I decided to check out The Last Exorcism, which is produced by Eli Roth.  In was a fun screening, since both Eli Roth and the stars Patrick Fabian and Ashley Bell were in attendance for a […]

My Thoughts on Trick ‘r Treat

I remember reading about Trick ‘r Treat on Ain’t it Cool News way back in 2007 and I was disappointed when the film, which looked very intriguing, was pushed back before it’s October 2007 release. Now, nearly two years later, I finally saw the film as part of the Toronto After Dark film festival and […]