Toronto After Dark 2012: Award Winners

The Audience Choice award winners of the 2012 Toronto After Dark Film Festival were announced today.  The awards were decided by either post-screening ballots or polls of over 100 all-access pass buyers. The fan-favourite zombie comedy Cockneys vs. Zombies won the gold award for Best Feature film, followed by Dead Sushi (silver) and A Fantastic […]

Toronto After Dark 2012: Wrap-Up

It was (literally) a dark and stormy night back in August 2009 when I went to the Toronto After Dark film festival for the first time to see a screening of the long-awaited, much delayed, Halloween anthology Trick ‘r Treat.  I liked my experience at Toronto After Dark enough that I returned in 2010 for […]

Listen to Me – The Liberal Dead Toronto After Dark Pubcast

A couple nights ago, I ventured into the world of podcasting, as I took part in a live “pubcast” for Dead Air: The Liberal Dead Podcast, which was recorded live at one of Toronto After Dark’s post screening pub nights. I’m acquainted with the show’s guest host Kirk Haviland and I thought that it would […]