TADFF15: Award Winners

The award winners have been announced for the 2015 edition of the Toronto After Dark Film Festival. Not at all surprising for me is the fact the winner of the Anchor Bay Entertainment Audience Choice Award for Best Feature Film, Gold went to the New Zealand horror-comedy Deathgasm. Since I’ve been a huge fan of this […]

TADFF15: Wrap-Up

The tenth annual edition of the Toronto After Dark Film Festival has come an gone. This year’s festival was a different experience for me, since I had already seen 8 of the films earlier this year as part of my coverage of the Fantasia Film Festival. Since I plan on covering Fantasia again, I would […]

TADFF15: Shorts After Dark

The international shorts at this year’s Toronto After Dark Film Festival included uninvited guests, things that go bump in the night, and very bizarre animated tales. Here is the rundown of the Shorts After Dark line-up. The Guests While waiting for her husband to come home, Anna (Matlida Ridgway) becomes host to an unexpected housewarming party. […]

TADFF15: Canada After Dark

This year’s line-up of Canadian short films included inter-dimensional portals, grim reapers, and father/son relationships. Here is my rundown of the Canada After Dark line-up. Portal to Hell!!! This review was originally written as part of my coverage of TIFF15 A grumpy superintendent finds out that a couple of tenants have performed a ritual in […]

TADFF15: Patchwork

Three women find themselves joined together into a Frankenstein-like creature in Patchwork. Following an underwhelming birthday celebration in a bar, Jennifer (Tory Stolper) is attacked in her home and when she awakens, she finds that she has been patched together with the bodies of party girl Ellie (Tracey Fairaway) and shy girl Madeleine (Maria Blasucci), all […]

TADFF15: Love & Peace

Sion Sono presents a musical love story between a man and his pet turtle in Love & Peace. Ryoichi Suzuki (Hiroki Hasegawa) is a timid 33 year old office worker, who dreams of being a famous rock star, while also pining for his co-worker Yuko (Kumiko Aso). Ryoichi buys a pet turtle named Pikadon, to whom he shares […]

TADFF15: Deathgasm

This review was originally published as part of my coverage of Fantasia Fest 2015 A heavy metal band accidentally summons a hoard of demons in the horror-comedy Deathgasm.  Brodie (Milo Cawthorne) is a metalhead, who is forced to live with his ultra-religious uncle Albert (Colin Moy) and bully of a cousin David (Colin Moy).  After befriending Zakk […]

TADFF15: The Hexecutioners

A young woman learns the challenges of her new job of death dealing in The Hexecutioners. Three years ago, proposition 117 passed making assisted suicides legal. Malison McCourt (Liv Collins) is a rookie death dealer, whose job is to perform euthanasia for paying clients, by any means required. Unsure about the moral ramifications of this job, […]

TADFF15: Tag

This review was originally published as part of my coverage of Fantasia Fest 2015 A young woman finds herself caught in the middle of multiple deadly situations in Tag. One day, Mitsuko (Reina Triendl) is riding the school bus on the way to a school trip. Suddenly, a killer gust of wind cuts everyone except Mitsuko in half. […]

TADFF15: Backtrack

A psychologist is haunted by ghosts leading him to an event from his past in Backtrack. Peter Bower (Adrien Brody) is an psychologist, who is still grieving the death of this daughter the year before, with his colleague Duncan Stewart (Sam Neill) encouraging him to get back on his feet. Peter finds out that he is […]