TADFF16: Wrap-Up

Another edition of the Toronto After Dark Film Festival is in the books. This was my seventh year attending the film festival, so I can undoubtedly be considered a veteran at this point. While my attendance at the Fantasia Film Festival for the last couple years resulted in me seeing a number of films in […]

TADFF16: Shorts After Dark

The international short short selection at Toronto After Dark this year included non-moving threats, gross-out body horror, and itching wolves. In addition to the ten shorts that played as part as the Shorts After Dark showcase, there was also another international short this year that preceded one of the features. As such, here is a rundown […]

TADFF16: Canada After Dark

As always, every feature film at Toronto After Dark was preceded by a Canadian Short Film. This year’s Canada After Dark line-up included obsessive fans of pop stars, killer tattoos, and of course creepy clowns. Here are my thoughts on each of the 19 short films. Kookie A young girl gets into trouble for eating too […]

TADFF16: The Void

Full Disclosure: I was a contributor to The Void’s Indiegogo Campain A small town sheriff encounters hellish inhuman creatures at a rural hospital in The Void. While on patrol, officer Daniel Carter (Aaron Poole) finds an injured man on the side of the road. Daniel rushes the man named James (Evan Stern) to the local hospital, […]

TADFF16: From a House on Willow Street

A group of kidnappers get more than they bargained for in From a House on Willow Street. Hazel (Sharni Vinson), Ade (Steven John Ward), Mark (Zino Ventura), and James (Gustav Gerderner) set out one night to kidnap Katherine (Carlyn Burchell) and hold her ransom for 300-karats in diamonds. However, something seems wrong when Katherine’s parents wouldn’t answer […]

TADFF16: The Master Cleanse

A heartbroken man goes on a retreat to cleanse out his demons in The Master Cleanse. Paul (Johnny Galecki) is a man whose life is a mess after his fiance left him at the alter. Paul finds out about a cleansing retreat run by Ken Roberts (Oliver Platt), which he decides to participate in, along […]

TADFF16: The Stakelander

We return to the vampire-infested American wasteland in The Stakelander. Over the last few years, Martin (Connor Paolo) has created a new life for himself in New Eden, with his wife and daughter. However, one night the vamp-worshiping zealots The Brotherhood attacks, accompanied by a one-eyed female vampire known only as The Mother (Kristina Hughes). […]

TADFF16: Antibirth

A hard partying woman mysteriously becomes pregnant in Antibirth. After a night of heavy drinking and drug use, Lou (Natasha Lyonne) wakes up with no knowledge of what happened the night before. However, Lou begins to experience symptoms to suggest that she is now pregnant. Lou tries to piece together what happened that night by […]

TADFF16: Creepy

A retired police detective investigates a serial killer in Creepy. Takakura (Hidetoshi Nishijima) is an ex police detective, who now works as a professor in criminal psychology. Recovering from a career ending incident from a year prior, Takakura has moved to a new house with his wife Yasuko (Yûko Takeuchi). One day, Takakura is approached by his […]

TADFF16: I Am Not a Serial Killer

A young man is concerned about his sociopathic behaviour as a serial killer torments his small town in I Am Not a Serial Killer. John Wayne Cleaver (Max Records) is the son of a mortician, who is concerned that he is destined to become a serial killer. John tries his best to maintain a normal life, […]