The twelfth annual edition of the Toronto After Dark Film Festival marked both my ninth year attending the festival, as well as my sixth covering the festival. This year’s festival had some strong selections, but also made a fair number of risks, such as the inclusion of a high numberContinue Reading

Here are my thoughts on the Canadian short films that preceded the features during Toronto After Dark. Homer_A A film for the people who like The Simpsons and snuff films. Astron-6 member Connor Sweeney re-teams with co-director Milos Mitrovic (Imitations) for a very dark and disturbing film portrayed as a snuff film involvingContinue Reading

Here are my thoughts on the films to play as part of this year’s Toronto After Dark international shorts showcase. Your Date Is Here A mother and daughter play a dating board game to monstrous results. Your Date Is Here is a quite cute and well-executed short film that builds upContinue Reading

An Austrian taxi driver is targeted by a serial killer in Cold Hell. Özge Dogruol (Violetta Schurawlow) is a Turkish-born taxi driver in Vienna, who witnesses the murder of a prostitute in the apartment adjacent to hers. Özge is spotted by the killer, who makes her his next target. After herContinue Reading

Two brothers return to the cult they escaped as teenagers in The Endless. Justin (Justin Benson) and Aaron (Aaron Moorhead) are two brothers, who gained notoriety and press when they escaped the “UFO Death Cult” Camp Arcadia many years prior. While Justin has resumed somewhat a normal life, Aaron misses theContinue Reading

A private investigator is imprisoned and tortured by a serial killer in Poor Agnes. Agnes (Lora Burke) is a sociopathic woman living on her own in an isolated house. One day, Agnes is visited by Mike (Robert Notman) seeking information about a missing person. It isn’t long before Mike findsContinue Reading

A man and his sister go on the run a militant police state in Defective. The State Enforcement Agency has resulted in a 47% reduction of crime through the use of their cyborg Protectors of Peace or Suits. After witnessing a Suit performing a public execution, Rhett Murphy (Colin Paradine) isContinue Reading

A viral outbreak results in bloody chaos in an office building in Mayhem. The Towers and Smythe consulting firm is placed under 8 hour quarantine following an outbreak of the ID-7 or “Red Eye” virus, which causes a drop in inhibitions, resulting in those infected to often have violent outbursts.Continue Reading

This review was originally published as part of my coverage of Fantasia 2017 A group of friends play a board game that literally blows their minds in Game of Death. While gathered together for a party, Tom (Samuel Earle), Beth (Victoria Diamond), Ashley (Emelia Hellman), Mary-ann (Catherine Saindon), Tyler (Erniel Baez Duenas),Continue Reading

Full Disclosure: I was a contributor to Impossible Horror’s IndieGoGo campaign Two women investigate the source of a nightly phenomenon known as “The Scream” in Impossible Horror. Lily (Haley Walker) is an aspiring filmmaker, who begins experiencing strange events at night, often accompanied by the sound of screaming. On oneContinue Reading