A council of vampires find themselves under siege by the military in Eat Locals. A council of eight vampires, including Henry (Charlie Cox), Peter (Tony Curran), Angel (Freema Agyeman), and Vanessa (Eve Myles), gather together in an old farmhouse for their semi-centennial meeting. One of the topics of the meetingContinue Reading

A group of soldiers in a underground German bunker find a parasite that turns the infected into violent zombies in Trench 11. At the tail end of the First World War, British Major Jennings (Ted Atherton) finds a seemingly abandoned German bunker at Trench 11, which was the base ofContinue Reading

Teenage friends fight back against their zombie-hoarding neighbour in Dead Shack. Jason (Matthew Nelson-Mahood) joins his best friend Colin (Gabriel LaBelle), his sister Summer (Lizzie Boys), their father Roger (Donavon Stinson) and his girlfriend Lisa (Valerie Tian) on a trip to an isolated cabin. While walking though the woods, Jason,Continue Reading

A woman travels to an isolated commune to locate her missing twin sister in Rabbit. Maude (Adelaide Clemens) has been tormented by vivid nightmares about her missing twin sister Cleo. Believing the nightmares reveal where Cleo disappeared to, Maude travels with Cleo’s fiance Ralph (Alex Russell) and police detective HenryContinue Reading

An LA cop joins other survivors to fight back against an alien invasion in Beyond Skyline. Mark (Frank Grillo) is a Los Angeles police officer, who begrudgingly picks up his trouble-making son Trent (Jonny Weston) from the police station after getting into an altercation. While on the subway heading home, anContinue Reading

A female assassin in trained to be a sleeper agent in The Villainess. Sook-hee (Ok-bin Kim) is an assassin for a criminal syndicate, who is captured by government agents in Korea. Believing she can be an asset, Chief Kwon (Seo-hyeong Kim) begins training Sook-hee to be a covert agent, assigning fellow agent Hyun-sooContinue Reading

The killer doll stalks patients at a mental hospital in Cult of Chucky. Nica Pierce (Fiona Dourif) has been institutionalized for the past four years, taking the blame for killer doll Chucky’s (Brad Dourif) last round of killings. As part of Nica’s therapy, Dr. Foley (Michael Therriault) brings a Chucky dollContinue Reading

The undead killer in the swamp returns after a decade of inactivity in Victor Crowley. Andrew Yong (Parry Shen) is the sole survivor of the massacre at Honey Island Swap ten years ago and he has written a book about how he escaped the undead killer Victor Crowley (Kane Hodder).Continue Reading

A war veteran tries to survive a deadly game show in Sixty Minutes to Midnight. Jack Darcy (Robert Nolan) just wants to spend New Year’s Eve 1999 alone at his house with a bottle of Jack Daniels. However, Jack finds himself an unwitting contestant on the game show “Race the Clock”Continue Reading

The teenage years of future serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer are chronicled in My Friend Dahmer. In the year 1978, Jeffrey Dahmer (Ross Lynch) was a socially awkward high school senior living with his mentally unstable mother Joyce (Anne Heche) and chemist father Lionel (Dallas Roberts), the latter of whom isContinue Reading