TIFF08: 2008 Volunteering Ends with a Bang (and Pontypool)

When you volunteer at the Toronto Film Festival, how your day turns out depends on where you assigned by the volunteer captain. I already spoke about how I thought Sunday was an off day for me. In contrast, I am considering today to be my most rewarding volunteer shift in the three years I have […]

TIFF08: My Thoughts on Good and Fifty Dead Men Walking

Most of the films I’ve seen at the festival were pretty light-hearted affairs. However, the films I saw last night and this morning were, in contrast, quite serious. Good is a story about a German university professor (Viggo Mortensen), who joins the Nazi party and slowly moves from being a “good” guy to being totally […]

TIFF08: Final Film List Almost in Place

With the exception of two additional films on Saturday, my film list for this year’s festival in just about complete. First, tonight I will be seeing Good staring Viggo Mortenson. Tomorrow morning, I will attend Fifty Dead Man Walking, which is a repeat showing of one of this year’s galas. For Saturday, I finally purchased […]

TIFF08: My Thoughts on Flash of Genius and Sounds Like Teen Spirit…a popumentary

Two screenings sandwiched my third volunteer shift (which was my busiest) and they were both decent offerings. First, in the morning, I saw the Greg Kinnear film Flash of Genius, which is about the inventor of the intermittent windshield wiper, who sues Ford after they use his design without his knowledge. It was touching movie. […]

TIFF08: My Thoughts on Real Time

I saw my first film of the Film Festival today with the Canadian film Real Time, a darkly comic film about a hitman (Randy Quaid) giving a gambler with huge debts (Jay Baruchel) an hour to make peace before killing him. As the title suggests, the film was shown in real time and the film […]

TIFF08: Call it an off-day

My second volunteer shift this year wasn’t the happiest of times. This would have have been mostly due to my first talk lasting over two hours, with me actually doing something for about 15 minutes of that time. That set the tone for a day, which only had be stationed at two screenings, in addition […]

TIFF08: First Day Pretty Routine

Nothing real special happened during my first volunteer shift, which nearly consisted entirely of Press & Industry screenings. The most of those press screens was definitely that for the Belgium film Unspoken (pictured), which had not only the five assigned volunteers, but at least three representatives for the film, who gave out promotional materials and […]

TIFF08: Getting ready to volunteer, rebuilding the film list

Tomorrow afternoon, I will be putting on the green T-Shirt (pictured) for my third year as a film festival volunteer. As always, I will log my experiences following my day. I have also been working on rebuilding my film list. After the blow of having my top picks eliminated, I am willing to consider films […]

TIFF08: Box Office Blues

My film festival experiences don’t ususally get off to a good start and this year was no different. By the time I arrived at the box office, most of the films on my list were off sale, including my top pick for the festival, The Brothers Bloom. I managed to pick up tickets for three […]

TIFF08: The calm before the storm

Tomorrow evening at 6:00pm EST, the 2008 Toronto International Film Festival opens to the public. Single tickets went on sale today and, as expected, I lost a few of my film choices. However, there should be enough films left when I go purchase my first batch of tickets tomorrow morning. If all goes well, I […]