TIFF08: The calm before the storm

Tomorrow evening at 6:00pm EST, the 2008 Toronto International Film Festival opens to the public. Single tickets went on sale today and, as expected, I lost a few of my film choices. However, there should be enough films left when I go purchase my first batch of tickets tomorrow morning. If all goes well, I […]

TIFF08: So many films, so little time

I was looking through the, now released, film schedule for the Film Festival and I am trying to figure out which films I will be going to see. The problem with this is that I have to work around both my schedules as a student at York University and as volunteer during the festival. This […]

TIFF 08: Special Presentation Thoughts

Yesterday, an additional 20 films were announced for the Film Festival’s Special Presentations programme. This programme is the most mainstream of the festival, since the films shown are already set for release and are usually just being shown as a premiere. Films for this programme have been announced all throughout the summer, however the films […]

TIFF08: My Thoughts on Midnight Madness 08

The Midnight Madness programme has always been one of the most popular programmes of the Toronto International Film festival. In a festival full of art films, Midnight Madness is all about the genre films. Some notable films to be featured at Midnight Madness in the past include Cabin Fever, Saw, and Hostel. This year’s selection […]

TIFF08: It’s that time again.

The 2008 Toronto International Film Festival does not official start until September, but the buzz is already starting. A small handful of special presentations have already been announced, ticket packages will go on sale Monday, and more films are expected to be announced on July 25. Probably most importantly (for me), next week sees the […]

TIFF07: Wrap-Up

Alright, it is now time for be to sum up the films that I saw at this year’s festival. This year, I shattered my record of the number of films I saw. I was a grand total of 11 ticketed films this year, plus one film I kind of saw while being stationed in the […]

TIFF07: Volunteering finished until next year

Before I continue with this log, I just want to make a quick note that because I have been leaving early and coming home late all week I didn’t have time to post my thoughts on films as I saw them. As such, I will post all my thoughts at once during my festival wrap-up […]

TIFF07: My (nearly) Final Film List

Alright, after visiting the box office this morning I now have put together 90% of the films that I will be seeing this year at the festival. The only ticket I have left to buy is one for a second film on Saturday (using a voucher from my final volunteer shift on Friday). With that […]

TIFF07: Standing in on a film

The biggest thing to happen during my volunteer shift yesterday was that I stood inside the theatre during a screening (to make sure there were no bootleggers in the crowd). As such, I also got to see the film (whenever I was not looking at the crowd), so I will post some quick thoughts on […]

TIFF07: Celebrity sighting and plenty of standing around

It was a very routine day on my volunteer shift. In fact, today I only had three jobs that pretty much just involved standing around. Definitely not that exciting. However, today can be notable in the fact I saw Don Cheadle walk by at one point, which was a bit neat. My final shift of […]