Toronto Film Festival Wrap-Up

Today was the final day of the Toronto Film Festival. I’m sorry for not posting my final volunteer log, but since my final shift nearly consisted entirely of tearing tickets, there was nothing much to write anyway. So, what about the films I saw this year? Well, I already spoke about “The Dog Problem,” last […]

Tales of a Film Festival Volunteer – Episode Five: Shift Three

Today’s shift was a little on the slow side.  There were more press screenings than public screenings (in fact, there was only one public screening starting during my shift) and, as such, there wasn’t any of the hectic activity such as collecting tickets and guiding people to the cinemas. My main task today was as an […]

Film Festival Thoughts: The Dog Problem

I just got back from “The Dog Problem.”  I found it a pretty average comedy.  I laughed out loud at parts, so that’s always good. This happened to be the world premiere and, as such, it has actor/director Scott Caan, actor Giovanni Ribisi, and actress Mena Suvari in attendance.  I definitely found that an interested experience. I have […]

Tales of a Film Festival Volunteer – Episode Four: The Second Shift

Second shift…it started off pretty much the same as the last shift, with me collecting tickets for a screening.  I was then assigned to check tickets at the door and I spent about half an hour saying nothing but “down the hall” as the people were entering the theatre. Today’s highlight came in the form as […]

Tough time finding screenings

I’ve been going through the Film Festival schedule to earmark films to buy tickets for.  However, thanks to my volunteer shifts and school (as well as sold out screenings) the amount of films that I have to choose are very limited. I’m going by the philosophy of “the later the better” to choose films. That is, […]

Tales of a Film Festival Volunteer – Episode Three: The First Shift

Well today was my first volunteer shift at the Varsity theatre for the Toronto International Film Festival! For the most part, I did tasks such as directing traffic and checking ticket stubs for re-entry into the theatre. I would say the highlight of my shift involved when I was assigned to help mind the press/industry […]

I may be a film festival volunteer, but I’m also an attendee.

Today tickets went on sale for the Toronto International Film Festival. Though technically, it’s the tickets that were left over from all the advance orders from people who had passes and coupon books.  As such, I would estimate that approx 40% of films (mostly in the first half of the festival) were sold out. Today I […]

Tales of a Film Festival Volunteer – Episode Two: The Training Session

A little delayed, but here is my recap of Sunday’s training session. Mostly it mostly involved going through various guidelines and etiquette (i.e. try not to get star struck while on duty), as well a tour of the theatre. The Varsity theatre, where I am volunteering, is one of the main hubs of the festival […]

It’s now official….

I just got my volunteer schedule for the Toronto Film Festival in the mail today. Expect my next log entry, for the training session, near the end of the month.

Tales of a Film Festival Volunteer – Episode One: The Recruitment Session

I decided to document my experiences this year as a volunteer for the Toronto International Film Festival. So, today I went to the volunteer recruitment meeting at Roy Thompson Hall (which, BTW, is where they show the Gala films at the festival). First was the spoken section.  Basically, they went through the guidelines and code of […]