TIFF 2015: Wrap-Up

I think the fact that it took me nearly a week to complete my coverage of this year’s 40th edition of the Toronto International Film Festival is a testament to how busy I was this year. All together, I ended up seeing 33 feature films, plus 7 short films, which is the most I have […]

TIFF 2015: Short Cuts Programme 4

Here is my roundup of reviews from Short Cuts Programme 4, which consisted of seven short films from around the world, which ranged from arctic depths to traveling between dimensions. Casualties of Modernity This is a dark comedy taking the form of a hospital soap opera. This involves a cross dressing nurse examining a number […]

TIFF 2015: My Big Night

The taping of a New Year’s Eve special leads to insanity in My Big Night. As disgruntled ex-employees protest outside, an extravagant New Year’s Eve special has been filming at a television network for over a week, even though it’s only October. Throughout the course of this night, egos and insanity ensues, including the bickering celebrity […]

TIFF 2015: Der Nachtmahr

A heavy partying teenager is haunted by a repellent little creature in Der Nachtmahr. Tina (Carolyn Genzkow) is a seventeen year old girl in Berlin, who spends her nights going to raves with her friends. After one night of hard partying, Tina has found that a mysterious little creature has followed her home and that she […]

TIFF 2015: Southbound

From the makers of V/H/S comes this horror anthology set across a desert highway. As a radio DJ (Larry Fessenden) spouts out his words of wisdom, a number of individuals face horrifying terrors near an isolated town by the highway. This includes two blood-soaked men on the run from supernatural horrors, an all-girl band taken in […]

TIFF 2015: The Family Fang

Two siblings deal with their performance artist parents in The Family Fang. Annie and Buster Fang (Nicole Kidman and Jason Bateman) are two siblings, who are still trying to cope with their parents Caleb and Camille’s (Christopher Walken and Maryann Plunkett) infamous status as performance artists. When Caleb and Camille goes missing one night, Buster is worried about […]

TIFF 2015: Equals

Two individuals begin an forbidden romance in a world devoid of emotion in Equals. In a seemingly Utopian future society, human emotion has been genetically removed from individuals. Silas (Nicholas Hoult) is a drone-like office worker, who learns that he has been diagnosed with “Switched On Syndrome,” where he has begun regaining his lost emotions. When […]

TIFF 2015: Janis: Little Girl Blue

The life and career of Janis Joplin is told in the documentary Janis: Little Girl Blue. Janis Joplin was born in 1943 in the town of Port Arthur, Texas. Despite having some body image issues, it quite apparent that that the blues-loving Joplin had an excellent singing voice and she rose to fame as the lead […]

TIFF 2015: Mr. Right

A young woman falls for a hitman in Mr. Right. Martha (Anna Kendrick) is a woman coping with her latest break-up, when she meets a kind man named Francis (Sam Rockwell). Despite the fact that he somewhat creepily asks her out seconds after meeting, they immediately hit it off and they seem right for each other. […]

TIFF 2015: Len and Company

A reclusive music producer finds his seclusion disrupted by his son and a pop star in Len and Company. Len (Rhys Ifans) is a highly successful music producer, who has shut himself off from the world. He is visited by his son Max (Jack Kilmer), who has recently dropped out of college and has recorded a music […]