TIFF16: Wrap-Up

As I was heading into the 2016 edition of the Toronto International Film Festival, I thought that this was going to be an off year for me. However, it turns out that I still managed to see a decent number of films and for the first time ever I even got to see the winner […]

TIFF16: La La Land

An aspiring actress and a jazz pianist fall in love in the Hollywood Hills in La La Land. Mia (Emma Stone) is a barista on a Hollywood movie lot, who hopes to one day achieve her dreams of being an actress. One day, Mia meets Sebastian (Ryan Gosling), a gifted pianist, who one day wants to open […]

TIFF16: ABACUS: Small Enough to Jail

A family-owned bank in New York’s Chinatown becomes the only US bank indicted in the wake of the US financial crisis in ABACUS: Small Enough to Jail. After spending many years as a lawyer, Thomas Sung opened the Abacus Federal Savings Bank to help assist the community of New York’s Chinatown, with the bank currently being […]

TIFF16: The Age of Shadows

A police officer in Japan-occupied Korea secretly begins to work with the resistance movement he is supposed to bring down in The Age of Shadows. Lee Jung-chool (Song Kang ho) is a Korean captain for the Japanese Police in 1920s occupied Korea. Lee and his partner Hashimoto (Um Tae-Goo) are tasked with bringing down the resistance movement […]

TIFF16: Sadako vs. Kayako

The two icons of J-Horror clash in Sadako vs. Kayako. Yuri (Mizuki Yamamoto) and Natsumi (Aimi Satsukawa) are two university students, who purchase an old secondhand VCR to transfer some old home movies to DVD. However, inside they find a strange tape, which they soon realize is the cursed video tape mentioned to them by their […]

TIFF16: Into the Inferno

Werner Herzog teams up with scientist Clive Oppenheimer to explore the world’s volcanoes in Into the Inferno. Ten years ago, Werner Herzog met volcanologist Clive Oppenheimer while in Antarctica working on his doc Encounters at the End of the World. Together they reunite to explore active volcanoes around the world, particularly focusing on the mythology expressed by the […]

TIFF16: Colossal

An alcoholic woman discovers a connection between her downward spiral and a series of monster attacks in Colossal. Fed up with her hard partying lifestyle, Gloria (Anne Hathaway) is kicked out by her boyfriend Tim (Dan Stevens) and she moves back to her hometown. Gloria is reunited with her old friend Oscar (Jason Sudeikis), who […]

TIFF16: I Am the Pretty Thing That Lives in the House

A young hospice nurse encounters ghostly activity at the house of an elderly author in I Am the Pretty Thing That Lives in the House. It is said that a house with a death in it can no longer be bought by the living, only borrowed from the ghosts that live there. 28 year old […]

TIFF16: Rage

Three seemingly unrelated stories are connected by the hunt for a killer in Rage. At a bloody crime scene, police find a murdered couple and the word “rage” written on the wall in blood. This begins a manhunt for the prime suspect Yamagami, who is known to change his appearance. This manhunt affects the lives […]

TIFF16: Salt and Fire

A delegation of scientists are kidnapped by a rogue businessman in Salt and Fire. A team of United Nation scientists, lead by Laura Somerfeld (Veronica Ferres) and Fabio Cavani (Gael García Bernal), travel to South America to investigate the severity of the Diablo Blanco salt flats. However, the delegation is kidnapped by men working for Matt Riley […]