Monday Editorial: Academy Got Changes to Oscars Wrong

Last week the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences made a number of announcements surrounding the future of the Oscars, in light of the fact that last year’s ceremony was the lowest rated telecast in history with only 26.5 million viewers tuning in. The changes include the announcement of a new Oscar for Outstanding […]

Monday Editorial: Grading Sinemia

There has been a lot of talk lately about the rise and apparent fall of the cinema subscription service MoviePass, which has hyped itself by allowing subscribers to see unlimited theatrical films for a very low monthly fee. Not surprisingly, it turns out that critics were spot on that this was not a sustainable business […]

Monday Editorial: Are Subscription-Services the Future of Theatrical Exhibition?

I usually ignore the sponsored posts and advertisements that show up in my Facebook feed, however there was one a little over a week ago that caught my attention. It was for an upcoming service named ShowGO Canada. The service claims that for a subscription of $12.95 a month, you can watch one (non-premium) movie […]

Monday Editorial: The News Ain’t So Cool Anymore

  Over the weekend, IndieWire reported that Austin-area woman Jasmine Baker has spoken out about an alleged sexual assault that was committed against her by Ain’t It Cool News founder (and Fantastic Fest co-founder) Harry Knowles that occurred at an Alamo Drafthouse event two decades ago. This news comes to light in the middle of a […]

Monday Editorial: Film Festival Hangover and Looking to the Future

The day after TIFF is one I often feel very low on energy. After more than a week of seeing multiple films and getting minimal hours of sleep, the film festival can really take a toll on your body. It is also a time to reflect on what exactly I am going to do next. […]

Monday Editorial: Doing What You Love (and Not Getting Paid for It)

It has been nearly thirteen years since I put pen to digital ink and started the film blog that you are reading now. In that time period, I have gone from a unemployed 22 year old with a Computer Programming diploma to an unemployed 35 year old with a Film Studies degree. However, am I […]

Monday Editorial: Reflections on Streaming (From My Parent’s Basement)

Over the past number of years, streaming and video on demand services, such as Netflix, iTunes, and Google Play, have become the dominant way that people watch movies and TV shows in their homes. With the exception of collectors like myself, people in general have moved away from physical media and have started watching their […]