Interesting News of the Moment: Fahrenheit 9/11 Sequel in Works

Wasting no time, it is being reported that Michael Moore is planning to make a “sequel” to his popular 2004 documentary Fahrenheit 9/11. The documentary will talk about how bad it has gotten in the U.S. during the second term of president George W. Bush. Since can’t really make a sequel to a documentary, I […]

Interesting News of the Week: PETA’s petition to Will Ferrell

According to IMDB, Will Ferrell is being urged by PETA to stop working with animals in his movies after the bear he wrestled in Semi-Pro attacked and killed its trainer in California last week. PETA goes on to argue that performing animals are often treated badly by their trainer and that the “want to be […]

Interesting News of the Week: EW’s Summer Predictions

It can be hard finding that one news story for my Thursday column (the fact that is my first such column in two weeks is proof). However, this week’s column just dropped in my lap yesterday. I was browsing and I noticed an article critiquing the summer box office predictions made in the current […]

Interesting Film News of the Week: Dark Knight Viral Marketing

As the July release for The Dark Knight approaches, I have been enjoying reading stories about the increasing amount of Viral Marketing being produced for the film. I’ve been following the various developments over at and they even have an article up explaining the benefits of such as campaign. Some of the viral sites […]

Interesting Film News of the Week: The Sad Saga of Fanboys

Fanboys has been a project that his been in the making for a few years now (I saw a trailer I don’t know how long ago). It was reported this week this week that two versions of the film are going to be released. This is apparently the result of backlash over a recut version […]

Ledger’s Death More Shocking Than Oscar Nominations

This would usually be the time that I would post my thoughts on the Oscar nominations. However, there were no real surprises with this year’s nominations and they are complete over-shadowed by the fact that actor Heath Ledger was found dead today. It’s always sad when a celebrity dies, especially when you have grown to […]