Movies of the Moment – March 18, 2005

The Ring TwoFor me, The Ring was scary movie in the sense that it made me have an uneasy feeling afterwards, that I couldn’t shake for at least 10 minutes. Now there’s the sequel, directed by the original Japanese director. I’ve been reading reviews of the movie today, which seems to suggest that this movie […]

Movies of the Moment – March 11, 2005

The first of my most-anticipated movies for this year comes out next week. But until then…. RobotsI was a little underwhelmed when I saw Ice Age a few years ago. Hopefully Robots will have a better plot (if not, at least some good scenes with Robin Williams character) HostageI found that ever since he shaved […]

Movies and the jerks who go to them

For me, going to the movies is a time to relax and watch a film on the big screen. Apparently for others, it is the opportunity to act like a big fat jerk! I saw Be Cool tonight. In the movie there is a scene there is a guy, who states the, pretty questionable, fact […]

Movies of the Moment – March 4, 2005

Well, the Oscars have come and gone and we are heading closer by the week to the summer movie season. Here are this week’s movies. Be CoolThis movie was the example I used in my previous post about studios prefering the PG-13 rating to the R rating. Even though this movie doesn’t have as much […]

Oscar 2005 Wrap Up

My predictions sucked a bit this year, with me only getting 10 of the 24 categories. The good news in all of this is that, when my pick didn’t win, my alternate won. So, if I just made a few of those alternates my primary pick, it would have been a very good year. Maybe […]

Cursed – Things get confusing (SPOILERS)

NOTE: I’M GOING REVEAL SOME SPOILERS IN THIS POST. YOU’VE BEEN WARNED. OK, yesterday I wrote all that stuff about the movie Cursed. The highlight of it all was my comments on how Miramax edited the film from a R to a PG-13 rating. I wished it was that easy. I can say that yes, […]

Movies of the Moment – February 25, 2005

With the Oscars this Sunday, it will definitely be a busy weekend for the movie buffs out there. For those of you who are thinking of going to the cinema, before the big show, here is a rundown of the new releases. Man of the HouseCompared to the other major release this week, there is […]

Movies of the Moment – February 18, 2005

Lets go ConstantineI really don’t know what do think of this movie. I think the general view is that this movie looks too “Matrixy” for Keanu Reeves’ first post-Matrix outing. Basically the evil robots have been replaced with evil demons. However, if I do check out a movie this weekend, it would be this one. […]

Movies of the Moment – February 11, 2005

It seems that this is all that I am posting in this blog. Truth is, I can’t think of anything else to post about until I make my Oscar predictions, in about a week. Anyways it’s time to see what’s out there for the Valentine’s crowd. HitchWill Smith – Good. Romantic Comedy – Bad. I […]

Movies of the Moment – February 4, 2005

Who in the world plans on going to the movies on Superbowl Weekend? Well for those of you who plan on seeing a flick this weekend (like me), here are my thoughts on the major new releases. BoogeymanIt’s probably not a coincidence that this, the second film of Sam Raimi’s Ghost House Pictures, comes out […]