Rant: Shame on Cineplex for Increasing Ticket Prices

I’m going to preface this by saying that going to the movies has become an expensive hobby for me. As someone who goes to see movies on a near-weekly basis, the ticket admission prices really add up and this is coming from someone who has all but stopped ordering concessions to save money on each […]

Rant: How trying to stop piracy can ruin an evening

This week Cineplex has been holding their annual Great Digital Film Festival, which generally consists of them screening a number of older films over the course of the week. On a whim, I decided to go see the classic anime film Akira, which I have never seen.  Now, while I regularly go see older films […]

Rant: Against the Blockbuster Mentality

A few days ago, I was watching the PBS interview show Charlie Rose.  After an interesting, and very down-to-earth, interview with the cast of Anchorman 2, the next guest was a Harvard professor named Anita Elberse.  Elberse, who is an expert on the business of the entertainment industry, released a book in October called Blockbusters: […]

The Golden Globes Are Tonight and I Don’t Really Care

There was once a time when you could say that the Golden Globes were a good way to predict what films may win at the Oscars.  Usually the same films get nominated at both and there have been many occasions in which at least one of the two Best Picture winners would go on to […]

Rant: A Wasted Afternoon

I go to the movies a lot and I am happy to say that, the vast majority of the time, I have watched films theatrically without a hitch.  In fact, before today, the only time I’ve had a screening cancelled on me was when a power outage disrupted a screening of State of Play back in […]

The Annoying Trend of Teasers for Trailers

So, today I went to iTunes Movie Trailers to see what I thought was the first trailer for the film Looper, which is the new film directed by Rian Johnson (Brick) and is one of my most anticipated films of the year. Instead, I got a 50 second vignette of Rian Johnson and star Joseph Gordon-Levitt hyping […]

A Brief Rant on HMV DVD Gouging

The retailer I typically buy most of my DVDs at is HMV, which is the main music/video chain in Canada.  I always typically find that the pricing at HMV is usually fair (or at least close to the suggested retail price). However, as I walked into HMV today pick up a copy of Hugo (my favourite […]

DVD Thoughts: Friday the 13th – Killer Cut Edition

The biggest message I am receiving from the standard DVD release of Friday the 13th is “Why didn’t you get the Blu-Ray?” First, a quick overview: This extended cut is nine minutes longer than the theatrical version. There is nothing much that is noticeably different and my best guest is that there is probably just […]