Listen to Me – The Dew Over, Episode Twenty: 2008

This week I make my third appearance on The Dew Over podcast. The topic this time around in the 2008 Oscars, with the episode featuring a number puns and references towards a certain popular film from that year.  With there being a smaller panel than most episodes of The Dew Over, it opened the door […]

Listen to Me: Soundtrack Of Your Life #6: Donnie Darko

My increased podcast presence continues as I am the guest of the latest episode of the Soundtrack Of Your Life podcast.  Hosted by Corey Pierce, this podcast involves the guest picking a film soundtrack or compilation and having a discussion as it plays in the background.  While my initial choice for this episode was going […]

Listen to Me: The Dew Over, Episode Sixteen: 2002

This week I make my second appearance on The Dew Over podcast. This episode focuses on the 2002 Oscars, which was an episode that I particularly wanted to be on, since it gave me the opportunity to release twelve years of frustration over the Best Picture winner Chicago.  This results in me becoming fully unleashed […]

Listen to Me – The Dew Over, Episode Thirteen: 2007

I make my debut as one of the panel members in the latest episode of The Dew Over podcast. Hosted by Jamie Dew, the podcast has the panel debating the Oscar nominees for a certain year and answering the question about whether the year needs a do-over.  The subject of this episode is the nominees […]

Listen to Me – Row Three Cinecast Episode 295

After my brief appearance on the Liberal Dead Podcast last fall, during Toronto After Dark, I make my full podcasting debut as a guest on the Row Three Cinecast.  The main subject of the night was the Oscars and I joined the regular hosts, Andrew James, Kurt Halfyard, and Matt Gamble, in discussing and critiquing […]

Listen to Me – The Liberal Dead Toronto After Dark Pubcast

A couple nights ago, I ventured into the world of podcasting, as I took part in a live “pubcast” for Dead Air: The Liberal Dead Podcast, which was recorded live at one of Toronto After Dark’s post screening pub nights. I’m acquainted with the show’s guest host Kirk Haviland and I thought that it would […]