Reel Asian 2015: Wrap-Up

For my third year covering the Toronto Reel Asian International Festival, I was unable to be as comprehensive as I was last year, though I still ended up seeing a decent sampling of the festival line-up. All together I saw 11 films at this year’s festival and I always find Reel Asian to have an […]

Reel Asian 2015: Our Times

A girl reminiscences about her first love in Our Times. Lin Truly (Vivian Sung) is a shy high school student, who is pining over Ouyang (Dino Lee), the most popular boy at the school. After an incident involving a chain letter, Truly is forced into a reluctant friendship with Hsu Taiyu (Darren Wang), a feared troublemaker. However, […]

Reel Asian 2015: Full Strike

A team of ex-cons teams up with a former champion to prepare for a badminton tournament in Full Strike. Beast Ng Kau-sau (Josie Ho) was once considered to be the Queen of Badminton with seven titles, however her violent temper resulted in her being disqualified. Ng comes across a trio of ex-cons, headed by Lau Dan […]

Reel Asian 2015: Seoul Searching

Teens of Korean ancestry from around the world travel to a summer camp in Seoul to learn about their heritage in Seoul Searching. In the 1980s, the Korean government started a summer camp for foreign-born Koreans to learn about their heritage. A number of kids arrive for the 1986 camp, including the punk rocker Sid […]

Reel Asian 2015: Two Thumbs Up

A gangster and his crew team up for one last heist in Two Thumbs Up. Lucifer, aka Big F (Francis Ng) has just got out of prison and brings back together his crew of bowling alley employee Crazy B (Simon Yam), back-alley hairstylist Johnny T (Patrick Tam) and mechanic East L (Mark Cheng) and they all come up […]

Reel Asian 2015: Port of Call

A Hong Kong detective tries to decipher the motive behind a gruesome murder in Port of Call. A sixteen year old prostitute named Wang Jiamei (Jessie Li) is found brutally murdered and dismembered. Even though an overweight man named Chi-chung Ting (Michael Ning) quickly turns himself in for the crime, Officer Chong (Aaron Kwok), the detective […]

Reel Asian 2015: Siti

A young woman struggles to care for this song and paralyzed husband in Siti. Siti is a woman, whose husband was paralyzed a year previous in a boating accident. Desperate for money to pay off her outstanding debts, Siti sells snacks on the beach during the while, while selling herself in an illegal karaoke bar […]

Reel Asian 2015: Miss Hokusai

A young woman is the uncredited artist behind her father’s acclaimed paintings in Miss Hokusai. Tetsuzo is an accomplished painter, who works under the name of Hokusai. While Tetsuzo always receives full credit, it is often his daughter O-Ei, who is painting his works behind the scenes. In addition to painting, O-Ei has to deal with womanizing […]

Reel Asian 2015: Kirumi

A troubled youth becomes a police informant in Kirumi. Kathir is a troubled youth, who regularly gambles in illegal bars and has run-ins with the corrupt police force. After being thrown in jail for the night, Kathir runs into family friend Prabhakar, who is a police informant and he arranges for Kathir to also become and […]

Reel Asian 2015: The Royal Tailor

Two tailors compete for the favour of the royal family in The Royal Tailor. After 30 years of service towards The King (Yoo Yeon-Seok), head tailor Dol-Seok (Suk-kyu Han) only has a few months remaining, before he is made a noble and retires. Dol-Seok finds his position threatened when younger tailor Kong-Jin (Soo Go) comes to the palace […]