TADFF18: You Might Be the Killer

A man desperately calls his horror-loving friend when a serial killer runs loose at a summer camp in You Might Be the Killer. Covered in blood after the deaths of an uncountable number of camp counselors, Sam (Fran Kranz) desperately calls his friend Chuck (Alyson Hannigan) for help on the situation. The two break down the […]

Review: Bad Times at the El Royale

A group of strangers descend upon a rundown hotel in Bad Times at the El Royale. El Royale is a hotel near Lake Tahoe, that is placed on the border between California and Nevada. One night, a group of strangers descend upon the hotel, including Father Daniel Flynn (Jeff Bridges), singer Darlene Sweet (Cynthia Erivo), Emily Summerspring (Dakota Johnson) […]

TADFF18: Nightmare Cinema

Five Masters of Horror present cinematic nightmares for unsuspecting movie patrons in Nightmare Cinema. As various people pass by an isolated movie theatre, they find their names on the marquee and enter to watch their worst nightmares, curated by the mysterious Projectionist (Mickey Rourke): In The Thing in the Woods, Samantha (Sarah Elizabeth Withers) is terrorized by […]

Review: Halloween

Michael Myers once again returns home after forty years in Halloween. After terrorizing the town of Haddonfield on Halloween Night 1978, Michael Myers was apprehended and has spent the last forty years at Smith’s Grove Sanitarium, under the care of Dr. Sartain (Haluk Bilginer), the pupil of Myers’ former caregiver Dr. Loomis. Meanwhile, Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) has been […]

TADFF18: Luz

A taxi driver is pursued by a demon in Luz. One night, Luz Carrara (Luana Velis) stumbles into a police station, in fear of a demon that is pursuing her. Elsewhere, the mysterious Nora (Julia Riedler) seduces Dr. Rossini (Jan Bluthardt) and talks about her history with Luz. Later, Dr. Rossini comes to the police station to help […]

TADFF18: The Inhabitant

Three sisters committing a robbery discovery a demonic secret in The Inhabitant. In desperate need for money, sisters Camila (Vanesa Restrepo), Maria (María Evoli), and Anita (Carla Adell) break into the house of rich senator José Sánchez-Lermontov (Flavio Medina) and his wife Angélica (Gabriela de la Garza), hoping to steal the money they were told was stashed […]

TADFF18: The Ranger

A group of teenage punks find themselves stalked by a psychotic park ranger in The Ranger. After her boyfriend Garth (Granit Lahu) stabs a police officer during a drug raid at a punk rock club, Chelsea (Chloe Levine) and her friends Abe (Bubba Weiler), Jerk (Jeremy Pope), and Amber (Amanda Grace Benitez) are forced to go […]

TADFF18: The Dark

An undead teenage girl befriends blind boy in The Dark. Mina (Nadia Alexander) is a cannibalistic undead teenager, who haunts an isolated forested area known as the “Devil’s Den.” After dispatching of a fugitive criminal that enters the area, Mina meets the criminal’s blinded hostage Alex (Toby Nichols). Mina decides to help Alex get back to […]

TADFF18: Robbery

A young thief enlists the help of his dementia-ridden father to steal enough to pay back his gambling debts in Robbery. Frank (Art Hindle) is a lifelong criminal who is recently diagnosed with dementia. While struggling at times to even remember his own son Richie (Jeremy Ferdman), Frank still retains a sharp memory of his five decades […]

TADFF18: Prey

A zoo veterinarian, her news cameraman boyfriend, and a British hunter try to stop a lion terrorizing Amsterdam in Prey. Lizzy (Sophie van Winden) is a veterinarian at the Amsterdam Zoo, who is called in by police to consult when brutally mauled bodies are found, with the grizzly evidence pointing to a man-eating lion on the […]