My Thoughts on A Single Man

This film won Colin Firth the Best Actor award at the Venice Film Festival, so I was curious to see this film as far back as TIFF. The film follows a homosexual English professor, who is struggling to get over the death of his longtime partner. Firth’s performance is definitely the most notable thing about […]

My Thoughts on Avatar

It was over a decade since James Cameron last directed a feature film.  Was it worth the wait? I will not say that Avatar will go down as the best of James Cameron’s films, I still thought that it was very good.  If nothing else, it was visually spectacular and it definitely needs to be […]

My Thoughts on Invictus

Invictus tells the story of how Nelson Mandela attempted to bring together a divided South Africa by supporting the South African rugby team on their journey to win the Rugby World Cup. The film works both as a drama about post-apartheid South Africa as well as an inspirational sports movie.  It could be hard to […]

My Thoughts on Up in the Air

Up in the Air is definitely much closer in tone to Jason Reitman’s first film Thank You for Smoking than it is to Juno. The film stars George Clooney as a guy named Ryan Bingham who flies all over the country and fires people.  It’s a thankless existence, but he seems content with it, feeling […]

My Thoughts on Disney’s A Christmas Carol

It can be said that Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Story is one of the most adapted Christmas stories in film.  The definitive version is probably the 1951 version staring Alastair Sim.  I personally have fond memories of 1992’s The Muppets Christmas Carol, as well as 1988’s Scrooged, which gave a modern take on the tale. […]

My Thoughts on 2012

Even though I think of the whole “2012 End of the World” scenario to be the latest in a series of apocalyptic conspiracy theories that pop up every decade or two (remember Y2K?), I do have to agree that Roland Emmerich can make a pretty gosh darn good disaster film. I found the film was […]

My Thoughts on The Box

Even though I had to put up with noisy teens during the film today, I still found The Box to be an intriguing morality tale. I really liked how the film was shot to look visual like it was a film from the 70s (where the film takes place).  The film is unmistakably by Richard […]

My Thoughts on Zombieland

From the very start Zombieland had a very tongue-in-cheek feel to it.  Unlike the last major zombie-based comedy Shaun of the Dead, this film was definitely not a serious zombie film with serious situations. The film is fully of “zombie survival rules” written by Jesse Eisenberg’s character that pop up on screen randomly and help […]

My Thoughts on Where the Wild Things Are

Where the Wild Thing Are is one of the most beloved children’s books and I am sure that there are many people (myself included) that have beloved memories of the story from their childhood. Spike Jonze (one of most imaginative directors currently out there) was given the task of converting this very pictorial story to […]

My Thoughts on Capitalism: A Love Story

Michael Moore can be a hard guy to take 100% for his word.  I should be accepted by now that Moore usually shoots and edits his films to get to the point of his usually one-sided argument. The first of Moore’s films I saw was Fahrenheit 9/11, which I found an entertaining critique at the […]