My Thoughts on The Fighter

With award season coming up, I usually try to see films that are likely to have a high profile come Oscar time.  In the case of The Fighter, it is currently tied for the second most nominations at the Golden Globes. The title can be seen as having multiple meanings.  The most obvious meaning involves […]

My Thoughts on True Grit

I’m not too familiar with the original 1969 film, other than the fact that it won John Wayne his only Oscar.  However, for this version, the Coen Brothers decided to use more to the original book, than the film, so this can be seen more as a readaptation than a remake. The film is more […]

My Thoughts on TRON: Legacy

I will start off by saying that, after a year of studios attempting to cash-in, this is by far the best 3D film to come out since Avatar.  I guess it really shows what a difference filming in the format does.  The film also has scenes shot in IMAX and it is definitely advised that […]

My Thoughts on The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader

I’ve always had mixed feelings about the Chronicles of Narnia film series, though I thought that the last film (Prince Caspian) was pretty good. I thought that this film was a slight step down from the, more action-filled, previous film.  That said, I still thought that the film was a decent fantasy/adventure film for families. […]

My Thoughts on The King’s Speech

After seeing The King’s Speech today, I am confident enough to say that this film is the clear frontrunner in this year’s Oscar race. The film deals with King George VI and his hiring of an unorthodox Australian speech therapist in order to treat his stuttering.  I really thought that Colin Firth and Geoffrey Rush […]

My Thoughts on Black Swan

Darren Aronofsky is known for being a bit of a visionary, so it would have been obvious that a film about ballet would turn out to be more than meets the eye. It would be hard to talk about this film without going into spoiler-territory, however I can say that the film is about a […]

My Thoughts on Waste Land

While, at the Bell Lightbox today for the Tim Burton exhibition, I decided to see another one of the building’s exclusive engagement. Wastle Land is a documentary about a Brazilian artist, who goes to the largest landfill in Rio De Janeiro to create art in the likeness of the various “Pickers,” who work in the […]

My Thoughts on Faster

After a series of dramas, comedies, and family films, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson returns to action films and the results are so-so.  Faster is a very gritty revenge film that essentially has Johnson going Terminator on the people who killed his brother and left him for dead a decade previous.  It was an incredibly formulaic […]

My Thoughts on The People vs. George Lucas

One of the great things about the TIFF Bell Lightbox is that not only does it have the normal Cinematheque screenings, but it also has exclusive engagements of films that previously played at various film festivals and wouldn’t usually get a normal release. The People vs. George Lucas is one of those films, which previously […]

My Thoughts on Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1

The entire Harry Potter series so far had more or less the same formula with most of the action happening in and around Hogwarts.  As such, it is a bit jarring that the first film the two-part finale doesn’t feature Hogwarts on screen at all. The decision was made to split the final book of […]