Review: BlacKkKlansman

A black police officer infiltrates the Ku Klux Klan in BlacKkKlansman. In 1972 Colorado Springs, Ron Stallworth (John David Washington) becomes the first black man to become a police officer at the Colorado Springs Police Department. At first regulated to the records room, Ron eventually gets himself reassigned to the intelligence division. It is there that Ron spontaneously answers a […]

Review: Christopher Robin

The characters from the Hundred Acre Wood set out to assist their now grown up friend in Christopher Robin. As a child, Christopher Robin (Ewan McGregor) enjoyed many adventures in the Hundred Acre Wood with his friend Winnie the Pooh (Jim Cummings), Piglet (Nick Mohammed), Tigger (Cummings), Eeyore (Brad Garrett), Rabbit (Peter Capaldi), Owl (Toby Jones), Kanga […]

Review: Mission: Impossible – Fallout

Ethan Hunt and his IMF team faces their most impossible mission in Mission: Impossible – Fallout. Following the capture of Solomon Lane (Sean Harris), a new shadowy organization known as The Apostles have formed out of the remains of The Syndicate. Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) and his team of Benji Dunn (Simon Pegg) and Luther Stickell (Ving Rhames) […]

Fantasia 2018: Parallel

Four friends discover a portal leading to alternate realities in Parallel. Josh (Marc O’Brien), Lena (Georgia King), Devin (Aml Ameen) and Noel (Martin Wallström) are four members of an upstart tech development company, who are struggling to find investors for their proposals. Worried about their future, the four friends stumble upon a hidden attic in their rental home, […]

Fantasia 2018: Lôi Báo

A comic artist gains superhuman abilities after undergoing an experimental transplant procedure in Lôi Báo. Tam (Cuong Seven) is a young artist striving to make Vietnam’s first superhero comic. However, Tam is dismayed to discover that he has been diagnosed with terminal lung cancer with only a few weeks left to live. However, it turns out […]

Fantasia 2018: Knuckleball

A 12 year old boy struggles to survive a trip to his grandfather’s farm in Knuckleball. Despite some apprehension from his mother Mary (Kathleen Munroe), 12 year old Henry (Luca Villacis) is dropped off at the farm of his grandfather Jacob (Michael Ironside), while Henry’s parents go to a funeral. Despite being relatively estranged from the family, Jacob quickly […]

Fantasia 2018: Hurt

A woman spends Halloween night with her PTSD-suffering husband in Hurt. It is Halloween night in the small town of New Caney, Texas and Rose (Emily Van Raay) is reunited with her husband Tommy (Andrew Creer), who has just returned from the war. After spending some time with Rose’s sister Lily (Stephanie Moran) and her husband Mark […]

Fantasia 2018: The Outlaws

An unconventional police force tries to take down a deadly gang in The Outlaws. Inspector Ma (Don Lee) is the head of the Serious Crimes Unit in Seoul’s Garibong neighbourhood, which is home to a number of Chinese-Korean gangs. Things heat with with the arrival of the Black Dragon Gang, lead by Jang Chen (Kye-Sang Yoon), who begins […]

Fantasia 2018: LOUDER! Can’t Hear What You’re Singin’, Wimp!

A middle-aged rock star takes a soft-spoken street musician under his wing in LOUDER! Can’t Hear What You’re Singin’, Wimp!. Sin (Sadao Abe) is a middle-aged rock star, who has been injecting drugs into his vocal chords to help him maintain the primal screams he is known for. However, the toll has become too great and his […]

Fantasia 2018: Blue My Mind

A teenage girl undergoes some unexpected changes in Blue My Mind. Mia (Luna Wedler) is a 15 year old girl, who has just moved to a new town and has lived for much of her life under the strict control of her parents. This results in Mia getting a bit of a rebellious streak, as she begins […]