Fantasia 2018: The Witch: Part 1. The Subversion

A young woman’s past catches up to her in The Witch: Part 1. The Subversion. A decade ago, Ja-yoon (Kim Da-mi) escaped from a facility experimenting with telepathic kids and found refuge with a farmer and his wife. When she tries out for a TV talent show, Ja-yoon accidentally lets her powers slip and attracts the attention […]

Fantasia 2018: Rokuroku: The Promise of the Witch

Multiple individuals are tormented by supernatural creatures emerging from a haunted hotel in Rokuroku: The Promise of the Witch. One day out of the blue, Izumi receives a call from her old friend Mika, who she arranges to meet-up with. Meanwhile, Izumi’s grandfather is disturbed by a supernatural force that no one else can see. Elsewhere, people from […]

Fantasia 2018: Chuck Steel: Night of the Trampires

The best goddamn cop on the force has to deal with an infestation of vampire tramps in Chuck Steel: Night of the Trampires. Chuck Steel (Mike Mort) is a jacked up action hero cop, who knows what it takes to clean up the streets of L.A. While investigating a series of murders, Steel encounters an old […]

Fantasia 2018: Luz

A taxi driver is pursued by a demon in Luz. One night, Luz Carrara (Luana Velis) stumbles into a police station, in fear of a demon that is pursuing her. Elsewhere, the mysterious Nora (Julia Riedler) seduces Dr. Rossini (Jan Bluthardt) and talks about her history with Luz. Later, Dr. Rossini comes to the police station to help […]

Fantasia 2018: Lifechanger

A shapeshifter tries to reconnect with a past love in Lifechanger. For most of his life, Drew (Bill Oberst Jr.) has had the ability to take on the form of other people. The transformation only lasts for a brief period of time, before the body begins to rot and Drew must find a new host before […]

Fantasia 2018: Under the Silver Lake

A slacker goes to great lengths to find out what happened to his neighbour in Under the Silver Lake. Sam (Andrew Garfield) is directionless man in his mid-30s, whose daily routine involves playing retro video games and spying on his neighbours. It is during one of these spying sections that Sam sees Sarah (Riley Keough), a mysterious […]

Fantasia 2018: Cam

A webcam model’s life falls apart after being replaced online by a doppelganger in Cam. Alice (Madeline Brewer) is a young woman, who performs nightly webcam sex shows under the alias of Lola_Lola. Desperate the climb the ranks of her cam site, Alice isn’t beyond doing stunts, such as faking her suicide on camera. After a […]

Fantasia 2018: Chained for Life

An actress working on a horror film develops a connection with her deformed co-star in Chained for Life. Mabel (Jess Weixler) is the lead in a horror film directed by a pretentious German director (Charlie Korsmo), which has a number of deformed individuals in the cast, particularly Mabel’s main co-star Rosenthal (Adam Pearson). At first Mabel struggles to […]

Fantasia 2018: I Have a Date with Spring

A number of individuals receive unforgettable birthday gifts on the day before the world ends in I Have a Date with Spring. A struggling filmmaker (Kang Ha-neul) sits by the lake on his birthday, hoping to find a way to complete the script he has been working on for a decade. Four mysterious beings suddenly show […]

Fantasia 2018: Satan’s Slaves

A family experiences paranormal activity following the death of their mother in Satan’s Slaves. Rini (Tara Basro) lives with her parents and brothers Tony (Endy Arfian), Bondi (Nasar Annuz), and Ian (M. Adhiyat) at an isolated house beside a cemetery. Rini’s mother (Ayu Laksmi), a formerly popular singer, has been sick in bed for a number […]