TIFF18: Freaks

A young girl wants to escape from her father’s protective control in Freaks. Seven year old Chloe (Lexy Kolker) has spent her whole life living in hiding with her father Henry (Emile Hirsch), who warns her of the dangers outside. However, Chloe soon becomes fed up with her captivity and ventures outside, where she meets ice cream […]

TIFF18: The Truth About Killer Robots

The effects and consequences of our increasingly automated society is examined in The Truth About Killer Robots. In his science fiction stories, Isaac Asimov established the rules of robotics, with the prime rule being that robots shouldn’t harm another human being. Whether in manufacturing or the service industry, robotics and automation are becoming more prevalent, resulting in […]

TIFF18: Non-Fiction

A group of people in the Parisian publishing world adjust to changes in the industry and their lives in Non-Fiction. Alain (Guillaume Canet) is a publisher in Paris, who is trying to embrace the switch from books to digital, while also dealing the stagnation of his marriage to his actress wife Serena (Juliette Binoche). At the same time […]

TIFF18: Clara

An astromoner tries to find a habitable planet with the help of his new research assistant in Clara. Dr. Isaac Bruno (Patrick J. Adams) is a man obsessed with finding signs of life in the cosmos, with this obsession costing him his job as a university professor. Deciding to continue his research at home, Isaac hires […]

TIFF18: Climax

A dance troupe’s rehearsal party degenerates into chaos in Climax. Based on real events that happened in France of 1996, a group of dancers have just finished a three day rehearsal and have begun a celebratory party. However, it isn’t too long until they discover that the punch bowl of sangria has been spiked with LSD. […]

TIFF18: Through Black Spruce

A Cree woman travels to Toronto to try and locate her missing sister in Through Black Spruce. Annie Bird (Tanaya Beatty) lives in the Northern Ontario town of Moosonee with her mother Lisette (Tina Keeper) and uncle Will (Brandon Oakes). Over a year ago, Annie’s twin sister Suzanne left for a modeling career in Toronto and hasn’t been heard […]

TIFF18: Prosecuting Evil: The Extraordinary World of Ben Ferencz

The life and career of the last surviving Nuremberg Trial prosecutor is told in Prosecuting Evil: The Extraordinary World of Ben Ferencz. Born in Romania, Ben Ferencz’s fled from Europe with his family in the 1920s and grew up New York City’s Hell’s Kitchen. Dedicated to a life of doing good, Ferencz studied to become a lawyer and fought in […]

TIFF18: Nekrotronic

A group of demon hunters set out to stop the social media exploiting demon queen in Nekrotronic. For generations, there have been a war between demons and a group of hunters known as Nekromancers. The demonic queen Finnigan (Monica Bellucci) has found a way to transmit demons through social media, using a ghost hunting mobile game. It […]

TIFF18: Sharkwater Extinction

The fight against the poaching of sharks continues in Sharkwater Extinction. It has been fifteen years since biologist and filmmaker Rob Stewart set out to save sharks from being hunted solely for their fins. Visiting locations such as Costa Rica, Panama, Bahamas, and even the United States, Stewart is shocked to discover that not only are […]

TIFF18: El Angel

A Buenos Aires teenager becomes embroiled in a life of crime in El Angel. In 1971 Buenos Aires, Carlitos (Lorenzo Ferro) is an angelic looking teenager, who has always been stealing things. Carlitos’ life of crime begins to escalate when he befriends Ramon (Chino Darín), who is the son of career criminals. It is not long until Carlitos […]