BITS 2018: Fugue

A man suffering from amnesia tries to piece together who he is in Fugue. Malcolm (Jack Foley) wakes up with no memory of who he is. He is greeted by a woman named Helen (Laura Tremblay), who describes herself as Malcolm’s wife. Together with Malcolm’s friend Ian (Mike Donis), Helen tries to jog Malcolm’s memory. However, […]

BITS 2018: Montreal Dead End

Eighteen filmmakers depict supernatural terror around Montreal in the anthology tale Montreal Dead End. During the usual summer road work in Montreal, a supernatural green grown rises from a pothole, resulting in ghosts, zombies, and other paranormal creatures to arise around the city. As this terror spreads, it is up to the Guardian (Marco Collin) to […]

BITS 2018: The Hoard

The filming a reality show goes horribly wrong in The Hoard. The team of the reality TV show Extremely Haunted Hoarders descends upon the notorious hording town of Rockford, Ohio to clean up the properties owned by lifelong hoarder Murph Evans (Barry More). The crew is split into three teams consisting of lead experts Sheila Smyth (Lisa Solberg) […]

BITS 2018: Deadsight

A blinded man and a pregnant police officer try to survive a zombie outbreak in Deadsight. Ben Neilson (Adam Seybold) wakes up in an ambulance with no sight and no idea how he got there. It isn’t long until Ben discovers that the undead are roaming the countryside and he struggles to find shelter. The only other […]

BITS 2018: Offerings: A Seance in Three Acts

One of the special events of the 2018 Blood in the Snow Film Festival was an installation at the Super Wonder Gallery featuring Offerings: A Seance in Three Acts, the new 26 minute experimental short film directed by Torin Langen (3 Dead Trick or Treaters). Probably the best description I have of Offerings is that the film is likely […]

BITS 2018: Hammer of the Gods

A rock band goes on a spiritual journey into the wilderness in Hammer of the Gods. Mitch (Josh Collins), Eric (Rob Raco), and Olivia (Samantha Carly) are the members of the rock band Sled Dog, who haven’t been able to develop a successful follow-up to their initial hit single half a decade earlier. The band decide […]

BITS 2018: Alive

Two people wake up in an abandoned hospital in Alive. A man (Thomas Cocquerel) and a woman (Camille Stopps) wake bloodied and bandaged in an abandoned hospital. They are being taken care for my a mysterious man (Angus Macfadyen), who has a kind demeanor, yet acts aggressive towards his patients when they are not receptive of […]

BITS 2018: Altered Skin

An American engineer investigates a conspiracy surrounding a viral infection in Pakistan in Altered Skin. Craig Evans (Robin Dunne) is an American man, who has been living in Pakistan with his doctor wife Insiya (Juggan Kazim), who is one of many that have been infected with a virus that eventually turns people into crazed zombies. Craig is […]

BITS 2018: SuperGrid

Two estranged brothers are forced to do one last smuggling run across dangerous terrain in SuperGrid. In a post-apocalyptic future, mining conglomerates have turned the land into a vast wasteland known as the SuperGrid. Deke (Marshall Williams) is forced by Lazlo (Jonathan Cherry) to do one last run across the US/Canada border. To accomplish this job, […]

Review: Ralph Breaks the Internet

Wreck-It Ralph and Vanellope leave the confines of the arcade in Ralph Breaks the Internet. Over the past six years, Wreck-It-Ralph (John C. Reilly) and Vanellope (Sarah Silverman) have become the best of friends in the video game arcade. However, when Ralph accidentally causes Vanellope’s Sugar Rush game to break, she is left without a home. Using the arcade’s new […]