Review: Genesis

Three young teenagers’ struggles with first love are examined in Genesis. Guillaume (Théodore Pellerin) is a student at an all-boys school in Montreal, who is starting to feel a homosexual attraction to his best friend Nicolas (Jules Roy Sicotte). Meanwhile Guillaume’s step-sister Charlotte (Noée Abita) begins dating an older college student named Théo (Maxime Dumontier), […]

Canadian Film Fest 2019: Pond Life

Two couples get together for a party, which quickly goes down the tubes in Pond Life. Dick (Ryan Blakely) and Sandy (Jeanie Calleja) are a couple preparing for a party that will be attended by Sandy’s foster sister Daisy (Kerry McPherson) and her boyfriend Richard (Ryan McVittie). As the night wears on, secrets each person […]

Canadian Film Fest 2019: Nowhere

A woman desperately tries to search for her missing daughter in Nowhere. Claire Porter (Kate Drummond) and her teenage daughter Sarah (Nell Verlaque) have just moved from Chicago to the small town of Mattawa, where Claire is the new high school vice principal. Claire quickly befriends Ruth Simmons (Rya Kihlstedt), the coach of the school’s […]

Review: The Aftermath

The wife of a British colonel in post-war Germany develops a relationship with the owner of the house she’s living in The Aftermath. Five months after the end of the second World War in 1945, Rachael Morgan (Keira Knightley) travels to Hamburg to join her husband Lewis (Jason Clarke), who is a colonel helping to […]

Canadian Film Fest 2019: Creep Nation

A woman goes missing after staying at a short term rental in Creep Nation. Sofia Campbell (Liv Collins) returns home unexpectedly from Italy and asks to stay with her brother Aaron (Adam Seybold). After Adam tells her that he can’t take her in, Sofia instead decides to do a short term rental at a house […]

Canadian Film Fest 2019: Nose to Tail

The head chef of a high end restaurant tries to hold it together during a very stressful day and night in Nose to Tail. Daniel (Aaron Abrams) is a talented, yet abrasive, chef at a Toronto restaurant, the future of which relies greatly on impressing an important diner coming that evening. Daniel takes out much […]

Canadian Film Fest 2019: Red Rover

A man with no direction in his life decides to apply to be part of the first mission to Mars in Red Rover. Damon (Kristian Bruun) is a down on his luck geologist currently living in the basement of his ex-girlfriend Beatrice (Meghan Heffern), who is now living with her new yoga obsessed Australian boyfriend […]

Review: Apollo 11

Relive the 1969 moon landing in Apollo 11. On July 16, 1969, Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins, and Buzz Aldrin blasted off from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida to begin their historic eight day mission to become the first men in land on the moon. With the help of newly discovered audio recordings and 65mm […]

Review: Ghost Town Anthology

The population of a remote Quebec town is greatly affected by the death of a young man in Ghost Town Anthology. The remote village Irénée-les-Neiges, with a population of only 215, is left shaken by the death of a young man named Simon Dubé in a car accident. While Simon’s brother Jimmy (Robert Naylor) and […]

Review: Leaving Neverland

Two men who are claiming to have been sexual abused as kids by Michael Jackson tell their story in Leaving Neverland. Wade Robson and Jimmy Safechuck are two men who befriended Michael Jackson when they were children. Through interviews between them and their family members, Robson and Safechuck tell their parallel stories of how their […]