Premium Classics: Spookies

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Classic Thoughts: My Winnipeg

Guy Maddin is one of the more unique filmmakers in Canada and I finally got to see his well acclaimed 2007 film. My film is a pseudo-documentary about Maddin’s recollections of his hometown of Winnipeg, but the film is obviously from his point of view and the city is put into a much more glamorous […]

Report: Videodrome at Cinemateque

So, on Thursday night I checked out a screening of David Cronenberg’s film Videodrome at TIFF Cinemateque, which was the final screening of the “Toronto on Film” programme. Cronenberg was in attendance to introduce the film and it was definitely a neat experience seeing him in person, especially since a few months ago I had […]

Classic Thoughts: The 40 Year Old Virgin

After seeing Funny People this week, I thought I would go back and re-visit Judd Apatow’s debut as a director. Before this film, I was very iffy about R-rated comedies. I also have to admit the premise of the film, combined with the sunny poster featuring an innocent-looking Steve Carell really freaked me out. However, […]

Classic Thoughts: Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

After missing it’s release two week ago, today I will be seeing Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince as it opens in IMAX. As a result, I thought that I would go back eight years and look back at the original Harry Potter film. The first film remains my personal favourite for the reason that […]

Classic Thoughts: Swingers

Swingers was one of the first major films for Vince Vaughn and John Favreau and it is actually partly based on Favreau’s early experience in Los Angeles. The film centers on Favreau’s struggling comedian, as he does out with his friends, lead by Vaughn, to try and pick up women. Favreau and Vaughn have good […]

Classic Thoughts: The Lost Boys

There is quite a vampire revival going on with the successes of Twilight and the HBO series True Blood. This revival (and the season premiere of True Blood) resulted in quite a few vampire films being shown this month OnDemand. Of those, I decided to check out the 80s classic The Lost Boys. The film […]

Classic Thoughts: Platoon

This week’s Classic Thoughts is a little later, since I just finished watching the movie, which I just purchased on DVD, a few minutes ago. This film is considered one of the all-time classic Vietnam War films and I did think that it was very good. I was probably most impressed by Willem Dafoe’s character. […]

Classic Thoughts: Old School

With this weekend’s release of The Hangover, I thought it would be worth it to take a look back at what is arguably director Todd Phillips most popular film. The film is obviously a throwback to classic college-based comedies, such as Animal House. However, this time, the plot centers around three thirty-somethings trying to relive […]

Classic Thoughts: Donnie Darko

Here it is. After eight years, I still consider this to be my favourite all-time film. I credit this film for helping to develop my interesting in analyzing film, which eventually resulted in me going to take Film Studies in University. I was interested in the film ever since it was recommended by the IMDb […]