TADFF19: Canadian Shorts After Dark

Here are my thoughts on the films that played as part of the Canadian Shorts After Dark showcase. Alaska (Chris Wilson, Brianna Templeton, Gwynne Phillips 13m) Tom (Chris Wilson) and Paige (Gwynne Phillips) attend a party hosted by their friends Brad (Paul Beer) and Claire (Briana Templeton), which very quickly goes off the rails. Alaska […]


TADFF19: Enhanced

A group of humans with superhuman abilities are hunted down by the Government organization that created them in Enhanced. Captain George Sheppard (George Tchortov) is the leader of a team tasked with apprehending a group of bioengineered killers, who have escaped from the facility where they were created. One of these individuals is Anna (Alanna […]


TADFF19: Homewrecker

A young woman finds herself held against her will by an obsessive middle-aged woman desperate for a friend in Homewrecker. One day after an exercise class Michelle (Alex Essoe) begins a friendly conversation with Linda (Precious Chong), who recognizes her from the class. Learning that Michelle is an interior decorator, Linda invites her to take […]


TADFF19: Contracts

A group of assassins are hunted by one of their own in Contracts. Anthony Lo (Alex Chung) is a contract killer hired by Marc Sullivan (Jermaine Carty) to find out who has been hunting down and killing assassins. Teamed up with Heatshot (Michael Carter), Anthony targets congressman Blake Morris (Dan Sanderson), hoping to lure out […]

James vs. His Future Self

TADFF19: James vs. His Future Self

A time-travel obsessed scientist is visited by an older version of himself in James vs. His Future Self. James (Jonas Chernick) is a scientist who spends all day trying to figure out time travel, hoping to impress his boss Dr. Edna Rowley (Frances Conroy). Ignoring everyone in his life except his sister Meredith (Tommie-Amber Pirie) […]

TADFF19: Witches in the Woods

A group of friends get lost in the wilderness and find themselves tormented by a supernatural force in Witches in the Woods. Derek (Craig Arnold), Jill (Hannah Kasulka), Phillip (Corbin Bleu), Tod (Kyle Mac), Mattie (Alexander De Jordy), Bree (Humberly González), and Alison (Sasha Clements) are a group of friends heading out on a ski […]

The Twentieth Century

TIFF19: The Twentieth Century

William Lyon Mackenzie King’s journey to becoming Prime Minister of Canada is told in a surreal alternative history in The Twentieth Century. Mackenzie King (Dan Beirne) believes that it is his destiny to both become Prime Minister of Canada and marry Ruby Eliott (Catherine St-Laurent), as predicted by his mother (Louis Negin). However, Mackenzie finds […]

Guest of Honour

TIFF19: Guest of Honour

A health inspector tries to help out his imprisoned daughter in Guest of Honour. Jim Davis (David Thewlis) is a Hamilton Health Inspector, whose estranged daughter Veronica (Laysla De Oliveira) has been imprisoned for a crime she did not commit. While Jim desperately wants to help Veronica get released, she refuses to accept any assistance […]

Anne at 13,000 ft

TIFF19: Anne at 13,000 ft

A young woman has deep struggles with her work and personal life in Anne at 13,000 ft. Anne (Deragh Campbell) is a woman who works at a daycare, who often finds herself at odds with her co-workers since Anne tends to play with the kids more than supervise them. After going skydiving for the bachelorette […]

The Last Porno Show

TIFF19: The Last Porno Show

An aspiring method actor inherits his estranged father’s porno theatre in The Last Porno Show. Wayne (Nathanael Chadwick) is a struggling actor, who discovers with much apathy that his estranged father Al (Christian Aldo) has passed away and has left Wayne his rundown porno theatre. Initially set on quickly selling off the theatre, Wayne becomes […]