Hot Docs 2016: Off the Rails

A man with Asperger’s Syndrome spent more than 30 years impersonating train conductors in Off the Rails. Since childhood, Darius McCollum has loved trains. Trains were a place where he could find solace from the bullying he experienced in school. He befriended the subway operators in New York City and at the age of 15 he […]

Hot Docs 2016: The Slippers

The cultural impact of the ruby slippers from The Wizard of Oz is explored in The Slippers. While gathering items for MGM’s famed 1970 auction, costumer Kent Warner discovered the original ruby slippers from The Wizard of Oz, which sold at the action for $15,000 and was later donated to the Smithsonian Museum. However, the story doesn’t […]

Hot Docs 2016: Wizard Mode

An autistic man strives to be a pinball champion in Wizard Mode. Robert Gagno is one of the world’s best pinball players, who dreams of one day being the best in the world. Robert also happens to be a man on the autistic spectrum, which results in many challenges in his life, such as finding employment […]

Hot Docs 2016: The Apology

A group of women demand to be apologized for being forced into sexual slavery in The Apology. During World War II, over 200,000 women across Asia were forcibly made “comfort women” by the Japanese Imperial Army, many of whom were only in their teens at the time. More than 70 years later, the surviving comfort […]

Hot Docs 2016: After Circus

Go behind the scenes at a retirement community for circus performers in After Circus. Sarasota, Florida is considered the circus capital of the world and is home to many retired and semi-retired performers, including trapeze artist Dolly Jacobs, horse trailer Caroline Williams, and crown Jackie LeClair. Despite their advancing age, many of these individuals still […]

Hot Docs 2016: KONELĪNE: our land beautiful

The Tahltan First Nation protests against mining on their land in KONELĪNE: our land beautiful. The Tahltan territory of northwestern British Columbia is known to them as “koneline” or “our land beautiful.” However, the land is an area know as the “Golden Triangle” to miners, due to the area’s rich gold and calcium deposits. With mines moving […]

Hot Docs 2016: League of Exotique Dancers

The legends of burlesque tell their story in League of Exotique Dancers. The various pioneers and legends of burlesque, such as Delilah Jones, Lovey Goldmine, Judith Stein, and Camille 2000, are invited to perform at the Legends of Burlesque Hall of Fame in Las Vegas. These performers tell their story about working in an era when there were very […]

Canadian Film Fest 2016: Chasing Valentine

A depressed man strikes up an unlikely connection with a call girl in Chasing Valentine. Following the tragic loss of the love of his life, Chase (Adam Langton) spends much of his time home alone, editing adult videos for his friend Brad (Brad Cowan). However, one night at a bar, Chase meets Valentine (Gwenlyn Cumyn), […]

Canadian Film Fest 2016: 20 Moves

The story behind Rubik’s Cube is told in 20 Moves. Invented by Hungarian Erno Rubik and originally intended as a teaching tool, the puzzle that would become known as Rubik’s Cube was discovered at a German toy fair by holocaust survivor Tom Kremer. Sold by the Ideal Toy Company, the incredibly difficult three dimensional puzzle became a huge […]

Canadian Film Fest 2016: Jackie Boy

A self-destructive womanizer beings to change his ways in Jackie Boy. Jack (Alino Giraldi) is a man in a small town, who regularly indulges himself in drinking, drugs, and one night stands. However, when he meets Jasmine (Shannon Coulter), Jack is inspired to turn a new leaf and distance himself from his equally self-destructive friend […]