Fantasia 2019: Astronaut

A retired civil engineer enters a competition to be part of the first commercial flight into space in Astronaut. Angus Stewart (Richard Dreyfuss) is a 75-year-old man with heart problems, who has been living with his daughter Molly (Krista Bridges), her husband Jim (Lyriq Bent), and son Barney (Richie Lawrence). When a billionaire entrepreneur named […]

Fantasia 2019: Bruce McDonald’s Dreamland

A hitman goes against his boss to save a child from human trafficking in Bruce McDonald’s Dreamland. Johnny Deadeyes (Stephen McHattie) is a skilled hitman working for crime boss Hercules (Henry Rollins). For his next job, Hercules wants Johnny to take the right pinky finger from trumpet player The Maestro (McHattie). However, Johnny begins to […]

Hot Docs 2019: Supreme Law

Various internet stars tell the story of the patriation of the Canadian constitution from different perspectives in Supreme Law. In the early 1980s, Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau set to gain control of the Canadian constitution from Great Britain. The story of these events are told from different perspectives by internet stars Jus Reign (Prime Minister), […]

Hot Docs 2019: Gordon Lightfoot: If You Could Read My Mind

The life and career of the Canadian folk singer is revisited in Gordon Lightfoot: If You Can Read My Mind. Growing up in the Ontario city of Orillia, Gordon Lightfoot had his beginnings playing in the coffeehouses in Toronto’s Yorkville neighbourhood. This would eventually lead to him signing with Warner Bros and becoming one of […]

Hot Docs 2019: Propaganda: The Art of Selling Lies

The use of propaganda around the world is explored in Propaganda: The Art of Selling Lies. From ancient cave paintings to the spread of fake news, propaganda has always been around to exploit your need to believe in something. This film takes a look at many forms of propaganda, ranging from films made during the […]

Hot Docs 2019: Shella Record: A Reggae Mystery

A Toronto-based record collector and artist tries to locate the woman who recorded an obscure reggae track in Shella Record: A Reggae Mystery. Chris Flanagan is an Australian born artist and record collector living in Toronto, who acquires a bootleg reggae collection named “Warzone.” Chris instantly becomes enamored with a track named “Jamaican Fruit of […]

Hot Docs 2019: The Hottest August

Filmmaker Brett Story takes an observational look at life in New York City during the month of August 2017 in The Hottest August. In the summer of 2017, New York City was adjusting to to having Donald Trump in the White House and the ever-present threat of climate change. Various people are interviewed about their […]

Hot Docs 2019: Toxic Beauty

The use of dangerous chemicals by the cosmetics industry is exposed in Toxic Beauty. Beauty products are a multi-billion dollar industry. However, cosmetic companies receive minimal government regulation, resulting in toxic chemicals being present within beauty products. Examples of this include the talc in baby powder being linked to ovarian cancer and the cosmetic preservative […]

Hot Docs 2019: Willie

A grassroots campaign begins to get the first black NHL player into the Hockey Hall of Fame in Willie. In 1958, Willie O’Ree broke the NHL’s colour barrier when he was called up to play for the Boston Bruins. Despite their not being a day going by where he was the recipient of racist remarks, […]

Hot Docs 2019: Assholes: A Theory

The book by Aaron James forms the basis of this exploration of the concept of assholes in Assholes: A Theory. Aaron James is a professor of philosophy, who wrote the New York Times bestseller “Assholes: A Theory,” which describes assholes as people that allow themselves special advantages, an entrenched sense of entitlement, and immunizes themselves […]