Blu-Ray Review: What We Do in the Shadows

  What We Do in the Shadows 2015/Color Unison/Video Services Corp. 86 Minutes SKonMovies Review Release Date: May 26, 2015 Purchase on Blu-Ray from Amazon Purchase on DVD from Amazon Rent/Purchase on iTunes Arriving on DVD and blu-ray today is the vampire mockumentary What We Do in the Shadows from co-directors co-directors Taika Waititi (Eagle […]

DVD Review: ABCs of Death 2

ABCs of Death 22014/ColorMagnet/Video Services Corp.122 MinutesSKonMovies Review Release Date: Feb 3, 2015 Purchase on Blu-Ray from AmazonPurchase on DVD from AmazonRent/Purchase on iTunes   Out now on DVD and blu-ray is ABCs of Death 2, in which 26 filmmakers present 26 ways to die.  As with the first film, each of the filmmakers were […]

Blu-Ray Review: Frank

Frank2014/ColorMagolia/Video Services Corp.95 MinutesSKonMovies Review 1080p High Definition 16×9 (2.31:1)English 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio Release Date: Dec 9, 2014 Purchase on Blu-Ray from AmazonPurchase on DVD from AmazonRent/Purchase on iTunes   Arriving on DVD and blu-ray is the dark comedy Frank. Jon (Domhnall Gleeson) is a wannabe musician, who stumbles upon a band called “Soronprfbs,” […]

Blu-Ray Thoughts: Motivational Growth

Out today on DVD and Blu-Ray is the very weird dark comedy Motivational Growth, directed by Don Thacker.  The film focuses on on an agoraphobic man named Ian Folivor (Adrian DiGiovanni), who hasn’t left his apartment for 16 months and spends the majority of his time channel surfing on the TV.  When the TV suddenly […]

DVD Thoughts: Discopath

Out today on DVD is Discopath, the debut feature from Montreal-based filmmaker Renaud Gauthier.  Taking place during the disco era of the 1970s, Discopath is a horror film about a man named Duane Lewis (Jérémie Earp-Lavergne), who turns into a psychotic maniac whenever he hears disco music. After the body of one of Duane’s victims […]

Blu-Ray Thoughts: Journey to the West

Now out on DVD and Blu-Ray is Stephen Chow’s Journey to the West.  Inspired by the Chinese literary classic, the film tells the story of Xuan Zang (Zhang Wen), a Buddhist monk learning to become a demon hunter. Unlike other demon hunters, who set out to destroy demons, Xuan Zang is instructed by his master […]

Blu-Ray Thoughts: Skull World: Warrior Edition

New on blu-ray is the entertaining documentary Skull World.  The film focuses on a 30-something man named Greg Sommer, who is better known by his alterego of Skull Man.  The film follows Sommer as he tries to develop the Canadian chapter of Box Wars, which is a form of LARPing, that originated in Australia, which […]

DVD Thoughts: Cop Out – Rock Out with your Glock Out Edition

I made the switch to Blu-Ray a couple months ago, however all the discs I purchased so far only had standard DVD features (except in high definition).  However, with the Cop Out Blu-Ray, I finally get a special feature that is truly special with the Maximum Movie Comedy Mode.  This mode has already been on previous Warner […]

DVD Thoughts: Moon

For an independent film, I thought that Moon has a very decent DVD release.  The special features on the disc are small in number, but big in quality. There is are usually featurettes, which include a 16 minute “Making Of” documentary, along with a 11 minute feature on the visual effects.  Those are OK for […]

DVD Thoughts: Funny People – 2-Disc Unrated Collector’s Edition

It’s obvious that distributors and retailers are trying to phase out standard-format DVDs.  It’s already been established that the Blu-Ray release of films now tend to have more features and I’ve now started to notice that less standard 2-Disc DVDs are being stocked in the shelves (making the search for a decent release all the […]