TADFF18: Canadian Short Film Showcase

Here are my thoughts on the films part of the Toronto After Dark Canadian Short Film Showcase. Bone Mother In this stop motion fable, the vain Prince Vladimir visits Baba Yaga hoping to get the Water of Life.┬áBone Mother is an NFB produced stop motion short that combine two legends into one creepy story. Altogether, […]

TADFF18: International Short Film Showcase

Here are my thoughts on the films that played as part of the 2018 Toronto After Dark International Short Film Showcase. Trespass A police officer gets a little trigger happy on a call, but quickly finds out that his crime cannot be covered up that easily. Structured as a found footage film, recorded from the […]

Selections from Toronto Youth Shorts 2018

The tenth annual edition of the Toronto Youth Shorts Festival will be taking place this weekend at Jackman Hall in the Art Gallery of Ontario. Here are my thoughts on five of the short films that will be screening. Forging Our Own Disclosure – Sept 22, 1:00 PM Lady Strips (Adrienne Mountain) This rotoscoped animation […]

Fantasia 2018: Select Short Films

Here are my thoughts on the few short films I saw at the 2018 Fantasia Film Festival. Fauve Two boys play a seemingly innocent power game, which quickly turns dire. Fauve is a relatively simple story of a game of one-upmanship, which gains some real life or death consequences when the boys encounter a sinkhole. […]

Toronto True Crime Film Festival: Short Films

Here are my reviews of the short films that screened during the Toronto True Crime Film Festival. Maybe If It Were a Nice Room (Alicia K. Harris) Maybe If It Were a Nice Room can be best described a visual poem, showing many different styles of rooms. Each line of the poem gets into more […]

Canadian Film Fest 2018: Select Short Films

Here are my thoughts on a selection of shorts playing at this year’s Canadian Film Fest. Prom Night As their daughters head off to prom, three father’s begin to worry when they find a pregnancy test in the trash. Prom Night is a comedic look at every father’s nightmare, that being discovering the possible promiscuity of […]

BITS 2017: Pre-Film Shorts

Here are the shorts that preceded the features at the 2017 Blood in the Snow Film Festival. Paint the Town Red Andie (Allison Klause) and Josephine (Ariel Hansen) receive tickets to an exclusive new club, however something feels off. Paint the Town Red is a well-produced short film, though I do think it drops a few too […]

BITS 2017: Short Film Showcase

Here are my thoughts on the films that played during this year’s Blood in the Snow Short Film Showcase (with an obvious exception of course). Fun On an episode of Poppy Seed Place, Anna (Tiffany Hunter) demonstrates to Ellery (D. Campbell MacKinlay) her twisted meaning of fun. In many says, Fun can be seen as a […]

TADFF17: Canada After Dark

Here are my thoughts on the Canadian short films that preceded the features during Toronto After Dark. Homer_A A film for the people who like The Simpsons and snuff films. Astron-6 member Connor Sweeney re-teams with co-director Milos Mitrovic (Imitations) for a very dark and disturbing film portrayed as a snuff film involving Homer, Bart, and Milhouse. Despite […]

TADFF17: Shorts After Dark

Here are my thoughts on the films to play as part of this year’s Toronto After Dark international shorts showcase. Your Date Is Here A mother and daughter play a dating board game to monstrous results. Your Date Is Here is a quite cute and well-executed short film that builds up to an expected, yet still […]