Shinsedai Cinema Festival: Wrap-Up

This was my first time checking out the Shinsedai Cinema Festival.  Even though I wasn’t able to make it to the entire festival, I managed to check out six of the film and I liked what I saw. Here is a ranking of the top three films that I saw at the festival: Hiroshimia Nagasaki […]

Shinsedai Cinema Festival: Shorts and Short Programs

In this post I will chime in a bit on the shorts and short programs that I saw at this year’s Shinsedai Cinema Festival. Short Programs Enter the Cosmos: Takashi Makino Special This short program featured three experimental shorts directed by Takashi Makino.  The works here are very reminiscent of the works of Stan Brakhage in the […]

Shinsedai Cinema Festival: My Thoughts on Tentsuki

This is one odd film…. That line pretty much sums up the film Tentsuki in a nutshell.  The film can be described a drama with kooky comedic characters and just a dash of J-horror violence. The film focuses on the character of Noboru and his interactions with a variety of odd characters, including his fossil-loving supervisor, a […]

Shinsedai Cinema Festival: My Thoughts on Good for Nothing

The plot synopsis for the film Good for Nothing is as follows: A trio of young men coming up to their high school graduation find themselves walking a fine line between juvenile delinquency and adult respectability in the wintery landscape of Sapporo, Hokkaido . They try and choose the latter by getting jobs with a company […]

Shinsedai Cinema Festival: My Thoughts on Hiroshima Nagasaki Download

You really wouldn’t expect a documentary screened early on a Sunday afternoon to end up being the highlight of the Shinsedai Cinema Festival.  That is indeed the case for Hiroshimi Nagasaki Download, which went on to win the audience award for the festival. The film begins with the ringing of a loud and lingering bell, […]

Shinsedai Cinema Festival: My Thoughts on Ringing in Their Ears

Ringing in Their Ears was the opening film of the fourth annual Shinsedai Cinema Festival, which will be screening new Japanese film all weekend at the Revue Cinema. The focus of the film is the real life Japanese rock band Shinsei Kamattechan.  I initially had no idea that Kamattechan was an actual band, since the plot […]