Podcast: Interviews – WTFilm Fest 2017 – She’s Allergic to Cats

To coincide with the film’s Toronto premiere this weekend at What The Film Festival 2017, here is the interview I conducted at Fantasia 2016 with the people behind the very weird She’s Allergic to Cats. OPENING CLIP – She’s Allergic to Cats Trailer 01:31 – Introductions/Housecleaning 04:46 – Interview with She’s Allergic to Cats director […]

WTFilm Fest 2017: She’s Allergic to Cats

This review was originally published as part of my coverage of Fantasia 2016 A Hollywood dog groomer aspires to be a filmmaker, while courting the girl of his dreams in She’s Allergic to Cats. Michael Pinkney (Michael Pinkney) is dog groomer in Hollywood, who spends his free time making experimental video art and dream of making an […]

WTFilm Fest 2016: Space Breakers

A group attempt to travel to an intergalactic paradise in Space Breakers. In 1991, the universe is a high technology utopia, where humanity is addicted to eating cream and perpetual body-modification. After seeing a commercial of an intergalactic space mall called the Biosphere, three bros (Zak Tatham, Aaron Mancyzk and Efehan Elbi) hijack a spacecraft […]

WTFilm Fest 2016: Nova Seed

A reluctant hero sets out to stop the plans of a mad doctor in Nova Seed. Underneath the ruins of a dying planet, the evil Doctor Mindskull has created the ultimate weapon in the form of a girl named Nova Seed, who is able to cause vegetation to grow anywhere she comes into contact. A […]