My Thoughts on Stardust and Rush Hour 3

This is one of the few weekends, which I went to see two movies. One of them I liked better than the other. Here’s my thoughts: StardustI had gained enough interest in this film, that I decided to go see it yesterday, in addition to my original plans of seeing Rush Hour 3 today. I […]

My Thoughts on The Bourne Ultimatum

This film is the latest in the “summer of threequels.” However, unlike the other “threequels” I never really saw the previous two films in theatres (I only saw them of video and/or TV in the last year — I now regret not seeing them in theatres). However, I do say that seeing the previous films […]

My Thoughts on Ocean’s Thirteen

You can just that this film is the leftover “threequel,” after last months high profile groups. However, unlike those films, I can confidently say that I thought this film was better than the last one. Also, I think it’s just under par with the first film. There are somethings (like the fact that the plot […]

My Thoughts on Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End

Here is the third and final of the May “threequels” At approximate 2 hours and 50 minutes in length, the movie could have definitely used a bit of trimming. It’s not that hard to follow, like some critics are saying, however it could have done without some of the sub-plots. Specifically, Chow Yun-Fat’s Sao Feng […]

My Thoughts on Shrek the Third

This his is the second of the three big “threequels” this month. So, what do I think about the third film of this popular animated series. First, I think it’s great of kids. As for adults like me, it’s alright. It definitely has a much more simple story than the past two films and there […]

My Thoughts on Spider-Man 3

I don’t really have too many detailed things to write about this film. As such, I will just summarize by saying that I really liked the film, however I did think that it was a step down from the other films. I think it might have been a bad idea to include more than one […]