LOVE is in the air at 360 Screenings’ February Event

Celebrate the Valentine’s season with 360 Screenings’ February event, which is simply entitled LOVE. The event is being pegged as a celebration of what it means to love and be loved in return.  Bring your loved one, or come solo, to this immersive, theatrical film event, which will be occurring at a secret Toronto location, […]

360 Screenings gets Demonic for Second Halloween Event

This past weekend, 360 Screenings held their second Halloween event, which was held at the Ontario Heritage Centre in downtown Toronto.  I was disappointed to have missed last year’s Halloween event, which focused on 28 Days Later, because the date conflicted with the Toronto After Dark Film Festival.  However, the growth of 360 screenings over […]

Spooky Toronto Film Events this Halloween Season

The Halloween season is upon us!  It’s the perfect time of year to seek out horror films to watch and indeed the new remake of Carrie is set to open this upcoming weekend.  However, Toronto is a very film rich town and there will be many special horror screenings around the city in the weeks […]

360 Screenings Kicks Off Second Season with Insanity

After launching last May, 360 Screenings have found success through their series of interactive theatre installations based on popular films (which are also screened).  Another goal of 360 Screenings is to showcase the various historical venues around Toronto.  Venues showcased in the first year include The Burroughes (Ghost, May 2012), the Fermenting Cellar at the […]

360 Screenings Finds Footing with Second Event

Tonight I went to the second 360 Screenings event.  I was a little reluctant to give them another go, since I was quite underwhelmed at their first event in May.  However, because of the fact that my underwhelming feeling might have been caused by their film selection of Ghost, I thought that I would give […]

360 Screenings: An Interesting Idea with an Underwhelming Execution

The goal of the new cinema/theatre event 360 Screenings was to create an immersive experience that would make people feel like they were in the film.  People would gather at a mystery location, mingle around actors recreating scenes from a mystery film, and then everyone would go and actually watch the film.  360 Screenings wanted to make […]