Monday Editorial: The News Ain’t So Cool Anymore

  Over the weekend, IndieWire reported that Austin-area woman Jasmine Baker has spoken out about an alleged sexual assault that was committed against her by Ain’t It Cool News founder (and Fantastic Fest co-founder) Harry Knowles that occurred at an Alamo Drafthouse event two decades ago. This news comes to light in the middle of a […]

I’m Not the Only One Celebrating 1982…

As you may know, in celebration of me turning 30 this year (just celebrated my birthday last week), I have been discussing a different classic 1982 film every month in my Revisiting 1982 series. However, I’m not the only one celebrating the great movie year that was 1982.  This summer, the Alamo Drafthouse in Austin, […]

A few thoughts on the Alamo texting incident

Probably one of the most enjoyable pieces of movie news I’ve read in the last day involved how the Alamo Drafthouse in Austin, kicked out a patron for texting and used her, profanity-laden, phone complaint as a new Public Service message. I was really happy to read this news, since people texting in the theatre […]