Blu-Ray Thoughts: Journey to the West

Now out on DVD and Blu-Ray is Stephen Chow’s Journey to the West.  Inspired by the Chinese literary classic, the film tells the story of Xuan Zang (Zhang Wen), a Buddhist monk learning to become a demon hunter. Unlike other demon hunters, who set out to destroy demons, Xuan Zang is instructed by his master […]

Indie Spotlight: Junkie

Indie Spotlight is a series focusing on reviews of independent films From director Adam Mason comes the dark comedy Junkie.  Danny (Daniel Louis Rivas) is a recovering drug addict living in his parent’s old house with his psychotic brother Nicky (Robert LaSardo).  Even though Danny is desperate to get clean, the bad influence of Nicky […]

Home Video Pick: You’re Next

It’s about time that I get back into the habit of recommending new home video releases.  For this week’s column, I choose the incredibly awesome home invasion horror film You’re Next.  I saw this film way back when it played Midnight Madness at TIFF back in 2011 and I’ve been waiting for it to resurface […]

DVD Pick of the Day: Manborg

It’s been exactly 8 months since I last wrote a DVD column and today’s selection is well worth an end to the hiatus.  Today in Canada (and two weeks in the US) sees the release of Astron-6’s ultra-low budget sci-fi epic Manborg! When I saw the film last fall, I thought that it looked quite […]

Blu-Ray/DVD Pick of the Day: Silent House

Even though it’s not going to win awards for box art, today I picked up Silent House on Blu-Ray.  The gimmick of this film is that it is presently entirely as one continuous take.  I thought that was quite successful in building suspense with the continuous action meaning that there’s no quick release for the tension. […]

Blu-Ray/DVD Pick of the Day: The Artist

It took a few months longer than expected, but, this year’s winner of the Oscar for Best Picture, The Artist is finally on blu-ray.  In my original review, I thought that the film was an excellent homage to silent films.  I liked the film’s subtle use of sound in certain scenes and show is all […]

DVD Pick of the Day: The Innkeepers

I got home from my day at Hot Docs to find a package from Amazon containing the Blu-Ray for The Innkeepers that I had preordered.  The film was my favourite of the films I saw at last year’s Toronto After Dark film festival and I look forward to watching it again (shame it probably won’t happen until after […]

DVD Pick of the Day: Drive

I still have quite a big backlog from Christmas, so I am being extra picky choosy about purchasing new discs for my collection.  However, if there was one film I was most definitely going to get, it was going to be Drive. There is not much in the way of on-disc special features.  There is […]